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    •Denver: Record low of 13 degrees below zero on Wednesday beat the old record of 5 degrees below zero set in 2008. Thursday's low of 15 degrees below zero tied the daily record.
    •Ely, Nev.: Record low of 17 degrees below zero on Wednesday crushed the old record of 5 degrees below zero.
    •Great Falls, Mont.: Record low of 23 degrees below zero on Wednesday topped the old record of 22 degrees below zero.
    •Casper, Wyo.: Record low of 22 degrees below zero on Wednesday beat the old record of 11 degrees below zero set in 1972.
    •Medford, Ore: Record low of 18 degrees on Wednesday and a record low of 14 on Thursday. According to the National Weather Service, this is the coldest air mass in the city since 1998.
    •Portland, Ore. and Astoria, Ore.: Three straight days with daily record lows through Thursday morning.

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    • I predict a draw of 183 BCF when the NG numbers come out for under-grond storage next Thursday for week ending December 6th.
      I think the draw for the following week will be 202 as that is reflective of weather for today through next Friday where the East will feel the cold a lot more too!

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      • I'm right with you on the draw predictions Uniowner. There may be something to the Mauder Minumun Sunspot activity.

        Out at my ranch doing some hunting and it's very cold and Icy here.

        Went hunting on Friday. Freezing rain coming down - froze my pickup doors solid so I couldn't get back in - first time that has happened to me. Its a 3 mile walk back to the house.

        Staying in today watching football games.

        NG is just starting its run. We aren't even into winter yet.

    • Boise, Id. 17 degrees high,..2 degrees,..low and snow, tomorrow !
      Very cold everywhere in the Pacific NW and Northern Plains !
      Look at a Chart of Nat Gas,..UNG,..30 minute, 10 Day !!
      SD gonna have another good quarter,.. IMO !