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  • cleint9 cleint9 Feb 6, 2014 6:44 PM Flag


    This board is being overrun by haters. Your fake jesus god would not approve. I thought maybe you could take some of these mullets to church so they can lose the hate....

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    • Are you kidding me. Ive been reading these boards for many yrs, but never replied, but cant keep mouth shut. Get off this board and go back to facebook, where people give a SH&T about what you have to say. Im amazed, not only of you, but of others who constantly bash a stock, when it would seem you should have better things to do in your sad, pathetic life, than try to needle others. I get it. First, if your a woman, you live alone in a double wide and probably resemble Rosanne Barr. If a male, and that is my guess, well, lets just say, being a virgin is nothing to ashamed of, and your stocking shelves somewhere or living off govt. People who are even semi successful dont feel the need to act like this. Also, funny how someone with all the answers and stock winners has the time to post ad naseum on a anonymous board, on a stock they dont friggin own. Its like buying a new car, or in your case a old pickup, then hanging out at the dealership every day for hrs after purchase. Get a life and go post to a board that you have stock. Ooops, youve probably never owned a share and are drawn to this board cuz its been beaten down and you know holders are frustrated. Im sure you jumped over to TWTR yesterday and others when bad news comes out. Also, posting under multiple aliases doenst fool those that have a 8th grade ed. so please, move on, go get a job that you dont have to punch a clock , or simply move back in with your parents, cousins, etc. I get that most here dont own a share, but if you pick thru the #$%$, you can find some things about SD the ave person wouldnt know. Its one of my many holdings and if not for selling calls and puts, Id be down like most. But I have time for SD and am one of the many that think Coop is too smart to risk his rep to back a dog. So again, do the board a favor and #$%$ OFF... I believe iM donehere...

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    • jwornjr Feb 7, 2014 1:53 PM Flag

      from reading your post i can tell there's no hate in your heart (sarcasm)

    • Diarrhea mouth, I hope that what the smokey mullet said becomes true. Die....

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