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  • trmmara trmmara Apr 24, 2014 4:21 PM Flag

    The Whisky Rebellion

    I think you so-called in name only "patriots" should learn about it. Our first President sent a troops to crush a resistance of people who refused to pay a new tax. I find it so sad that these so-called patriots would put the woman and children in the front as human shields. In my world, men protect woman and children, we abide by the law, we don't freeload, and we don't need a gun because on like your little wieners we have footlongs with great huge balls. Honestly why are you fockers such poooossssey's. Seriously do all you right wing rednecks pee sitting down. I can see it now if I ever meant you poooossssey's..............hey honey, kids, come out here and protect me from Uncle Ribby while I get my gun. I guess that's what you guys think is tough down in the south..............where I'm from, it's makes you guys the biggest pooooosssssey's alive.

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