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  • zam_zam_mah zam_zam_mah May 23, 2011 11:50 PM Flag



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    • you let it slip littlbrother....mims and you are differnt INVESTORS????....nuff said and your boss wont be scooping up any of my shares under .10....and last batch you can have for .35-.50...and as for you are two differnt people....puuuuuuleeeeeeeeese....give it a rest fellow Investor!!

    • what are the odds two bashers would log on a more or less dead stock board on a weekend holiday 13 mins apart?....hello littlemims....4 IDs on one thread...its a start....when i said id like to see more bashers in next few weeks...i didnt mean like right time let more time go by on your post...itll look more the skys falling cause all the bashers say so...LMFAO

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      • truth hurts dont it, you cant blabber on about what a great stock this is without someone calling you out on it.

        And yes I'm on quite abit, here and other places, its called due dilligence and research, you should try it some time,

      • what are the odds three pumpers would log on a more or less dead stock board on a weekend holiday 13 mins apart pumping "news alert" web-sites and bashing people that provide real links to facts, which is NOT bashing?.......3 IDs on one thread...its a start....when i said id like to see more pumpers in next few weeks...i didnt mean like right time let more time go by on your post...itll look more INOL is "going to be huge" cause all the pumpers say so...LMFAO
        2 funny, just sayin
        You're the pot calling the kettle black. Why are the three of you posting on a holiday weekend?
        Actually, I'm getting ready to de-winterize the boat so I can't play for awhile.
        The weather in Raleigh NC has been nice enough to take the boat out. I might go out there Tuesday. On Memorial Day the lakes in this area are so busy that the water is too choppy to ski.

        As I have said, I post to balance out the pumps and bring real facts with real links to back it up back to the front at Yahoo. Try not pumping and see how often I post.

        MIMS and I are different investors. View his messages from late in 2009(when Gary was "increasing shareholder value" at pharmaCON, but had created InoVet in Delaware and "bought Nexxnow months before) when he bought pharmaCON stock and you'll see.
        As I have said, I have never bought into Gary's scams, I saw through it when apprenante called me telling me about "a company with a Raleigh address doing cancer research for companion animals." She gave me the address and I drove there to meet with the CEO at his "office suite." I bet Gary and Sharon still use that address, 6040 Six Forks suite 135 Raleigh NC.
        They have been using that address for their show dogs for awhile, but they use it as a PO Box address with the AKC.

        Here is an example of a bash:
        This stock is a POS!
        Here is an example of a pump:
        Pennyland cooming soon too INOL!
        GO INOL!

    • Lol..the funniest thing is they think they cant be found. Technology is amazing..
      not a good buisness to be in..thats for never know..

      go inol!

    • if i was a paid pumper you live on the board like you....your bashing goes back months....ive owned the stock less than 2 weeks...i always get a little testy when bashers try to take advantage of the small investor...bashers are a low life form of modern day electronic purse snatchers....and ill always treat them as such...i have no use for them or the MMs they work for...sure i believe ya...1 basher 1 name....LMFAO

    • OMG littlezamzam....their website has contact info out the wazoooo....what will Gary do now?....all those people will be able to find him....or worse yet....maybe buy the many many products for sale....$$$$$$$$$$ may have to find a new line of work....the broken record stuff is getting a little old

    • i guess if we cant have more bashers for now...well have to settle for another zamzamlittlebrother....riddle me this littlezamzam....i would imagine 10s of thousands of people have eyes on the company after last few PRs....with many thousands to follow...are you saying big bad Gary wants them all coming after him for doing something wrong ?...i think youre crying wolf for a boss in need of lots and lots of cheap shares....that bout sum it up ?

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      • I use 1 (one) username here and at IHUB
        littlebrother1492, "news alert" paid pumpers like yourself don't, especially here at yahoo.I have NEVER posted under any other username. You think zamzam is the first investor to follow links provided by people like you and follow links provided by the "bashers" and then post that he's not going to buy?

        Gary has been doing this for so long he thinks he can just keep getting away with it because in the eyes of the SEC Gary is just a little fish in a big pond of scum along with the "news alert" companies and pumpers that Gary hires for "consulting services" as he calls it in the SEC filings.

        1 news alert CEO and his paid pumpers have been successfully prosecuted by the SEC that I know of. You and the company you pump for could be the next ones to be prosecuted. IP addresses aren't the only electronic papertrail.

    • If you listen to the pumpers it's a great company with a great CEO and his wife that deserved the $584,000 that the shareholders voted to give them as a pay package in a recent SEC filing.
      Well, not the actual shareholders, the controlling shareholders, Gary and Sharon Berthold. They even voted to acquire one of their private companies and "market" for the other although INOL has announced PRs about 4 or 5 times that different marketing companies were marketing INOL. Sounds like a great setup, I mean company to me

      There are those of us that have done DD beyond PRs, profiles, news alerts, etc. and have actually followed the CEO to this "company" from his last "company."