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  • drsmagic drsmagic Oct 20, 2001 7:10 PM Flag

    Icuira: Re neorapthy

    How do you keep yr bloodsugars so low, are you on oral or insulin. I take glucophage. Also are you following that program. Ihave tried taking evening primrose oil 1300 mg one tablet at night. It puts me too sleep, but I also feel like my urination becomes harder, although I feel like going at night, the flow is not there. . If you can write to me what your taking, thier doses and side effects if any I would appreicate it. If you want to do it offline you can e-mail me at or this forum is fine too, maybe some other diabetic may benefit from the info.

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    • Whenever I travel by plane, even before the days there were no meals on planes, I habitually bring my own meals in a small carry-on. I thus manage to maintain my own rather carefully managed diet, with appropriate weights of carbs, proteins and fats. One experience with a so-called diabetic meal on a plane was enough. And there is no concern about potential flight delays.

    • I take no medications and am type 2, diagnosed about 3 1/2 years ago(no doubt had it longer. I'm not sure if the supplements are a major factor in low blood sugars or just helping neuropathy. I take 1300 mg primrose oil 2x, in morning and noon. Nothing at night. Otherwise pretty much follow the full programme via the web site.

      I have little of the history associated with diabetics but think stress and diet is underestimated. My diet is quite rigid. I look carefully at the glycemic index of food. No potaotes or white bread. See Rick Mendoza's web site.

      Typical bkfast is one multigrain bread with canol only margarine and cinnamon. Raw broccoli, maybe egg beater, or leftover turkey/chicken.

      Lunch might be more raw veggies, fruit, organic bean chile (no salt), turkey sandwich(multigrain bread), often canned sardines etc.

      Dinner. Lots of grilled salmon, chicken(no skin), turkey burgers..only 9 grain bread. Grill or steam multiple vegetables. Wild rice/brown rice mix. Lots of things to replace salt such at tumeric etc. I recommond Crahon's book..Nutritioin Made Simple.

      Snack on walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts etc. No peanuts, apple, raw veggies (green).

      I do intense non aerobic exercise of about
      45mn to an hour about 4 times a week(weights, stationary bike on high etc).

      I rarely eat anything with sugar, avoid Chinese Restaurants which send my glucose level way to high.

      I monitor my glucose levels at the peak, contrary to many doc's/dieticians recommending testing 2 hours post meal. I test one half/one hour post meal. My typical morning post meal glucose level might be anywhere from 130 to 160. Post lunch level might be 130ish and post dinner usually in the 90's at the peak.

      I'm sure I have much more beta cell function than many type 2's but also think I've regained some function which is part of theory of the neuropathy site. After about 3-5 months I thought I was getting worse but in retrospect I was gaining sensation in some parts of my feet and their was pain associated with that (regeneration?).

      Hope this helps.

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      • Can I have you for a patient? I have tried my best to encourage my diabetics to follow the kind of dietary and exercise regimen that you mention. I have met with extremely limited success. It is INCREDIBLE how much of an effect appropriate diet and exercise has on early DM2. When a patient decides to take control of their disease (any disease, not just DM), the likelihood of successful treatment skyrockets. Keep up the great work!