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  • bankstock2000 bankstock2000 Aug 1, 2004 4:32 AM Flag

    5000 amputees in a year in US?

    Diabetes is terrible, but these are American amputees from Iraq, ~5000-6000. Why are we there and why won't Bush square with Americans as to why?
    Would Symlin help in Iraq?
    Does anyone who invests in Amylin to help diabetics reduce amputations not think this many amputations from war is not worth the effort?
    Would we trade a quadruple amputation of co3all in exchange for 4 of the Iraq amputees? Or wouldn't it be better to have co3all be the next American to die in Iraq, if someone has to die? I mean it is for a good cause, right?

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    • What a tasteless post. Co3all has already served his country. Certainly a post like this had to come from someone named "Bankstock." I rather it be you that lose a limb or two since you don't have a concept of it, you societal worm.

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      • The NVA came within a few meters of dropping a 120mm shell on my buddies and I, that was my closest call, so I am acquainted with the possibility of random death and fear it not. I responded by killing a few thousand of them, by KBA, but it wasn't personal just doing ny duty as they were doing theirs.

        One of the things you get from being in combat is the knowledge that life is fragile, is a gift and it is fleeting so make the most of your time.

        Actually a number of us veterans were interested in volunteering for Iraq but the US Army needed speciaties, such as Blackhawk pilots etc. They also had what they needed to backfill the staff personnel they were sending to Iraq for the most part, but did take some people back. Some of my friends were/are involved to this day, they call them contractors :-). In general our generation of VN vets are too old for field duty, war is for young persons, no matter the duty. It wears you down as only those who have been there can understand. Remember this is a volunteer army.

        My father was a diabetic amputee, that is why I keep my weight down and limit the sweets. If a cure for diabetes could be found and the price were my limbs I would make the sacrifice gladly. Some things are more important than Self, a lesson every generation has to learn the hard way it seems. The concept is beyond the intellectual capacity of the MB dope.

        First grandchild, a boy, was born this past Saturday, 8 pounds 13 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long, so haven't been paying much attention to the MB chatter. I pray that when he is an adult diabetes will be a disease of the past and that all of us who have invested in AMLN played an importany part in that effort.

    • John Kerry said that in the case of going after a known terrorists' hide out, he would approve of a first strike scenario. Suppose a missile on the way went awry and instead hit a village full of civilians? Only someone ignorant and unAmerican would criticize the President for trying to protect us from a knowing enemy.

      Just like with Pres. Bush, he had good intentions, and thought from all the intel sources, that we were in grave danger from the Iraqi and al queda threat. If Kerry would have been in office, he might have even acted sooner...imo.

      Remember Pres. Carter? He sent 2 helicopters into the dessert in attempt to head toward Iran to rescue hostages there back in 1979/80. The rescue attempt failed when they crashed into one another, and another attempt was not tried....of course it was not in the news as much as it would have been nowadays.

      But anyway, whether republican or democrat, a President has to act on the information available, and alot can wrong, even if alot goes right in the end.