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  • diligentconqueror_m diligentconqueror_m Aug 1, 2004 1:52 PM Flag

    5000 amputees in a year in US?

    John Kerry said that in the case of going after a known terrorists' hide out, he would approve of a first strike scenario. Suppose a missile on the way went awry and instead hit a village full of civilians? Only someone ignorant and unAmerican would criticize the President for trying to protect us from a knowing enemy.

    Just like with Pres. Bush, he had good intentions, and thought from all the intel sources, that we were in grave danger from the Iraqi and al queda threat. If Kerry would have been in office, he might have even acted sooner...imo.

    Remember Pres. Carter? He sent 2 helicopters into the dessert in attempt to head toward Iran to rescue hostages there back in 1979/80. The rescue attempt failed when they crashed into one another, and another attempt was not tried....of course it was not in the news as much as it would have been nowadays.

    But anyway, whether republican or democrat, a President has to act on the information available, and alot can wrong, even if alot goes right in the end.