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  • sixftleprechaun sixftleprechaun Feb 14, 2006 9:47 PM Flag

    Correction,S.I. and nursing journals

    My first post here.This messg center is very good and yes I have Ignored the obvious.I was led to this stock by my wife,a nurse,familar with Byetta.She had showed me many nursing articles(and lo and behold,here's one posted tonight).My wife comes from a diabetic family ,both parents,so she has got her ear to the ground,and Byetta will be ....tah -dah ! a HUGE drug.(guess no surprise here)
    Monotherapy,TZD etc will all be onstream before the FDA gives its official blessing.
    My wife is of the opinion that plain old vanilla Byetta is the gateway to the long acting formula which she seems to think will obliterate many orals from the scene.

    For me ,from a financial standpoint,this 20% "consolidated" really benfitted many here,even longs who dont realize as many times as the stock is attacked the more power is consolidated to the Company.
    Short Interest will be out in about 10 days.
    It's a death wish
    Thanks and glad to be onboard