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  • amlnazzreaming amlnazzreaming Nov 10, 2009 1:28 AM Flag

    Looks like kevinDICK is somewhat 'SUBDUED' after all that



    Poor 'kev', this MORONIC fool has been 'LONG' (What a 'genius'!! LOL) amln for OVER TEN YEARS (like some of you other 'PUMPERS'!! LOL), but 'alas', with amln as an 'investment', 'PIPE DREAMS' is as close as you'll CUM to 'riches'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

    Just think, how 'WE' (LOL) were 'exhilarated' when those two BIG announcents came out (mono/obesity) and 'WE' were making all kinds of 'OUTRAGEOUS' claims of how amln's pps was going to 'ROCKET'!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

    But 'WE' (LOL) forgot, that it's AMLN!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    So, 'BACK TO THE SALT MINES', and let's look for the 'NEXT' big PUMPING story, which would have to be LAR, which is so FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR away!!!!!!!!Lol

    Come on 'kev', with 'friends' (FELLOW PUMPERS) like 'gotlieMORON', and 'amlnMORON' (terry) on this board, I'm sure that you can 'invent' some more 'RAGS TO RICHES' FANTASIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    In the 'meantime', just continue with your NEVER ENDING 'AMLN ASS REAMING'!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    This topic is deleted.
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