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  • socmd2000 socmd2000 Mar 11, 2010 7:12 AM Flag

    hope for type 2 diabetics

    I am a primary care physician with many patients who have done very well with Byetta (lost weight and lowered HgbA1c) and we are all hoping that the FDA will approve EQW. I have been an investor in Amlyn for 10 years, and will remain an investor no matter which way this goes. I got in at 7 in 2000, then out at 41 in 2007, then back in at 12 in 2008. This is the real deal, nothing better for Type 2 diabetes, and it will eventually be recognized, if not tomorrow.

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    • Thanks Doc! and again, I did not mean anything by the question, I was just curious how one wrestles the "potential" conflict of interest, not that there is one here. I hope you have your LAR hat and Tshirt printed and ready to wear at the next medical conference you attend!

    • why does he personally own stock in that drugmaker? Its just a question.

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      • If I believed that this was the best medicine for this diagnosis and there was no evidence that this medicine was harmful, and it was later discovered to be harmful and I did not discontinue the medicine; then I would be liable. I am happy to have been investing in Biotech for many years, and I can use my medical knowledge to evaluate the potential for these small start-ups. I do not invest in major pharmaceuticals as I find them boring and not particularly profitable.

    • I am just curious and I am not trying to imply anything but if a doctor recommended a drug and he had a personal investment in that drug company, and a patient were to get say a cancer that the drug warned could be of risk, would that in any way expose you to be in violation of any conditions of your malpractice insurance?