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  • kevinmik kevinmik Dec 22, 2010 9:33 AM Flag

    Amylin's Revenue Potential...

    Byetta BID Type II = $300 million - $ 500 million
    Byetta BID + Basal Insulin Type I = $$500 - $1 billion
    Bydureon Injection = $1 billion - $2 billion
    Bydureon Pen = $1 billion - $4 billion
    Symlin Type I = $100 million - $300 million
    Pramlintide + Leptin Obesity = $500 million - $3 billion
    Pramlintide + Leptin + Pyy-3 = $500 million - $5 billion
    Metreleptin Type I = ?
    Metreleptin Lipodystrophy = ?
    Exenatide Monthly = ?
    Exenatide Patch = ?
    Biocon = ?
    Psylin = ?
    Amylin's Peptide Library = ?
    Amylin's Manufacturing Plant = ?

    Bydureon Pen would just add additional value above those seen with injection and adding Pyy-3 to Pram + Lep also just adds additional value above Pram + Lep alone.


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    • Byetta BID Type II = $300 million - $ 500 million
      Byetta BID + Basal Insulin Type I = $$500 - $1 billion???
      where did you get such a number??????
      Bydureon Injection = $1 billion - $2 billion- This was before the 20 month delay and now the competitiors will eat into that when Amylin finally gets approval
      Bydureon Pen = $1 billion - $4 billion - ???where did you get this one?
      Symlin Type I = $100 million - $300 million

      Symlin is a failure peaking out at 80 M in sales and relegated to the co drug in obesity. The Byetta insulin therapy replaces symlin

      Pramlintide + Leptin Obesity = $500 million - $3 billion -- not even starting Phase3 - it is an injection.

      Amylin's Manufacturing Plant = ? I think Takeda will love to convert a lot of this plant

      Just guesses also - )

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      • Hi Terry,

        I respect your opinion and agree, we are all just guessing. I'll be the first to admit, I was wrong in the past when it came to projecting Symlin's and Byetta's revenue potential. Symlin has delievered no where near the revenue number I expected it would do and Byetta has been a disspointment. That being said, I still believe in the revolutionary science behind Amylin's Diabetes and Obesity franchises and I expect their huge game changing capabilities will eventually be realized. My first 10 years in Amylin have been sucessful going from an weighted average stock price of $4 starting in 1999 to $15 today, which is actually much better than what the overall market has delivered over the same period. That's not exactly what I was hoping for, but I expect to see my original investment growth objective to play out over the next 5 to 10 years, that is unless the company is sold.


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