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  • kevinmik kevinmik Apr 19, 2011 9:22 AM Flag

    Citi Lowers Target !

    Citi's analysis about Amylin's future is skewed and completely distorted. The fact they are relying soley on Duration-6 Clinical Trial to cut their revenue forecast in 1/2 by 2015, is narrow minded and pathetic. They have intentionally ignored Duration 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 outstanding clinical trial results, which demonstrated superior results, in favor of focusing on a single trial which now appear to be flawed and unreliable. Does Citi and Yaron Weber really believe that Pysicians and Diabetics are that stupid and incompetent that they are only going to base their decision to use Bydureon on Duration-6 ? Give me a break !! Even if Citi wants to skew their report by using Duration-6 results only, how can they ingnore the fact the difference in HbA1c reduction was only 0.2% and Bydureon was measured against Victoza's highest, but less frequently used dose of 1.8. Citi also seems to completely ignore Bydureon's superior convenience, which will lead to better compliance and that Bydureon's safety profile and side effects will be lower compared to Victoza. In addition, Citi also did not mention anythng Byetta's upcoming SNDA decision for combination use with Basal Insulin. If approved Byetta's combination use with Basal Insulin for Type I and Insulin using Type II patients should significantly expand Byetta's marketplace. I also believe Citi projections for Symlin's lack of sales growth is way off the mark. Smart investors will look at Citi's report and the paper it is written and determine it's only useful purpose is as a substitute for toilet paper to clean one's $%#@%^&^%$.

    Here is the link to Citi's report courtesty of the poster Bcracky from Investor Village Message Board:

    Good luck to all longs

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