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  • win2few win2few Sep 19, 2011 7:19 PM Flag

    hmmm, kevindunder - I'm not....

    sure that would be a good move on your part, since you've been previously shut down as amlnbagholder, novorep1, and amln_moron already this year by Yahoo -- because you've offended almost everyone on this board at one time or another.. Are you ready for #4 - check out your last week's posts (filled with your typical rants).. or perhaps, one of us can locate the psych ward that you're posting from and an orderly will take away your computer - you sick puppy, you ....

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    • You need some additional meds, Mary. No body gives a SHET about the idiot. Are you attempting to compete as an Anti-novorep? Good luck with that. YOU should get a life too. Both of you are dross.

    • Another option might be possible.
      I'm sure that 'kevindunderhead' or 'novorep1' or whatever I.D. he/she goes by this week isn't the first mentally-deranged person to keep reappearing on a given message board under varying I.D.'s as their privileges are stripped away. I would bet you money that Yahoo has the capability to deny privileges to a given I.P. address, not just a given I.D. under extraordinary circumstances. That would prohibit the offender from utilizing any of Yahoo's I.D.-required services such as bulletin boards and e-mail, etc. as long as they originated from the given banned I.P. address. After being banned from this board (how many times?) you would certainly have to believe that novorep1 has met the criteria for such a ban. You might investigate this possiblity if you have the time and the wherewithal.

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      • hey Zeph - you're overthinking this -- the deranged individual presently known a 'kevindunder' is just another moron on our merry-go-round of life... as the days pass in the psych ward, 'dunder's' eight hrs a day on the computer venting anger & frustration on this board gives him/her something to do --- otherwise, he/she might have to do something productive ....

    • You actually read his posts?
      As long as anyone on this board responds to him(her) in any fashion... rates his tirades, opens his posts, anything, you are not only encouraging him but potentially perpetuating his psychological issues. You are basically giving him positive feedback for his malignant and aberrant behavior. You can report him all you want, he'll just get another I.D. This person is truely O.C.D. if not frankly psychotic and the kindest thing you can do for him(her) is to just put him(her) on ignore.
      Can you imagine the hell this person's life must be? His(her) entire existance revolves around lurking on this board 12-18 hours a day for the past several years, with the only pleasure gained by posting obscenities towards anyone logging a positive comment regarding this company. Any annoyance this individual causes you pales in comparison to the torture he/she suffers every day of his/her life.