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  • supernovaamln supernovaamln Oct 8, 2011 10:05 AM Flag

    More Bydureon/Byetta competition/diabetes-cholesterol combo pill

    Take note of the COST vs Bydureon

    FDA approves first diabetes-cholesterol combo pill
    Merck wins US approval for drug combining diabetes and cholesterol treatments

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- The first combination pill for the millions of people with the dangerous combination of diabetes and high cholesterol won U.S. approval Friday, offering convenience -- and savings -- to patients taking multiple pills.

    Juvisync, a probable blockbuster developed by Merck & Co. Inc., will be launched in a few weeks. It combines Merck's Type 2 diabetes pill Januvia with Zocor, a former Merck blockbuster in the widely used class of cholesterol drugs called statins.

    The combination pill will sell for the same price as Januvia alone, about $215 per month. Generic versions of Zocor cost roughly $30 a month.

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    • is supposed to be reasonable ? I don't think so... you can get a daily pill - Simvastatin (generic) for 13+ CENTS a pill to control cholesterol ... and none of the oral medications that I've ever taken for diabetes cost anywhere close to $7.50 a pill -- so just how great is this ????

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      • nadathing Oct 9, 2011 9:28 AM Flag

        The reason they put me on Exenatide LAR (3 year trial) is because oral meds were mot working in controlling my morning numbers (fasting - average was 200 every day). After taking Exenatide for 1 week my readings were consistently 90-110 and I eventually quit taking Glucotrol.

        Another aspect of this drug is not only weight loss, but many of us changed our dietary habits. I experienced a lack of interest in red meats and found lighter healthier fare to be more appealing. My doctors said they heard that from many who were on the trial. Although I take Simvastin for cholestrol control my numbers have been significantly lower soon after the study started.

        In other words, there are aspects about Exenatide LAR which may not be considered extremely important to some but have life altering impacts on others. I consider this drug to be a life extender for me and cannot wait until I can start on it again. Do not underestimate the value in terms of health of Exenatide LAR. If the once monthly ever is approved it will significantly change people lives for the better.

    • nadathing Oct 8, 2011 5:29 PM Flag

      Not an issue.