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  • oatbtc oatbtc Feb 1, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    Partnerships ....

    Based on last Friday webcast, Amylin is evaluation various sales partneship deals outside of US. While the matter is under evaluation (may not reach a level of negotiation), Amylin should not and cannot discuss this. So please stop whining about the CEO must immediately tell the world about a partnership deal.

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    • IMO - Most individuals and all institutional investors understand what Amylin has here. This is a paradigm shift, more so than when Byetta was approved. Novo does not have a comparable drug and we'll not only take signficant share from them, but we will rapidly replace insulin as the standard of care for Type 2 diabetes. It took us many more years to get here, but that was partly because the stakes are so high. Yes, Amylin has to execute, but with a strong partner, we shouldn't be seeing any of the pen shortages and other screw-ups of the past. Byetta was a six year test - Byuderon is the real deal.

      Today was also only a test to see how much upside pressure there is in pps. There are very few people willing to sell even into the 16s. The shorts and a few longs wanted to see how the stock would react to some buying - I'd say it reacted quite well. Anyone who thinks most shorts have gotten out of their positions is mistaken. I think we also will see some longs add to their position in the weeks ahead, and a few new players will want in.

      We may see more roller coaster rides like today, but there should be a lot more up than down days and a heck of a lot of fun if you're long. As an fyi - when Byetta was approved in '05 the stock was trading at $20, it jumped a few dollars after approval, but six weeks later was at $37. Enjoy the ride.

    • with the US sales force pretty much in place...
      A big partner can cover a lot of the debt...

      kevins ( and mine) dream come true - NO LILLY!
      Good Luck

    • usually the discussions start long before the pdufa date and once drug approved it will be signing the deals and closing the deals as fast as they can especially pushed by the willing partner since they will be in hurry to seal the deal than amln at this stage, lets see if something concrete comes up on/by Feb 6 earnings call.

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      • It is always in Amylin's best interest to intiate the process before the approval. But many pharma do NOT want to waste their time and their corporate resource on something that many or may not materialize. Now with the approval, it is much easier for Amylin to knock on big pharma doors, or for others to knock on Amylin's door.

      • I still believe Amylin does not need a partner can go alone in markeing the ONCE A WEEK Bydureon. But, my impression is the Street does not want Amylin to take on 100% of the risk for going alone, and badly wants a partnership deal to spread out the risk.

    • If you don't have time, skip to 16:0x minute of the taped webcash (typo intented).