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  • kevinmik kevinmik Feb 8, 2012 6:16 PM Flag

    So Far It Still Looks Like The Same Old Amylin !

    Issues one press release announcing Bydureon approval and that's it. No follow-up press releases offering additional important material information or results to benefit shareholders, very little transparency and nothing to show that major changes are underway at the new Amylin . Bydureon may be approved and Lilly may be partially gone, but you would never know it had Amylin not told us so. Unfrotunatley the look and feel of the company is the still same today as it was before Bydureon's approval and Lilly divorce. Amylin needs to do something big to change the questionable perception the investment world has about the company. The company desperately needs a make over and a new look. We need proof that things are different, are changing from within and getting better, that is unless the goal is keep things steady while buyout negotiations are underway and until a deal is struck.

    Amylin Long

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