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  • kev.roberts Mar 9, 2012 11:02 AM Flag

    I now know...


    Ive been sitting on the sidelines looking for an entry into AMLN. As of yestrday i started a long position , encouraged by the fact that the offering was bought up - yesterday volume was caused by significant buying interest.

    Im not blinkered by what happened in the past with this company but you seem to be. You should either get out of your investment or quit whining on here 24/7 - you seem to hold some resentment that you never took some profits when it was $50+ - that was ur decision and you need to take responsiblity for that.

    What the company are doing now is classic biotech - they are bolstering their cash position with the secondary offering to ensure they have the cash to bring bydureon to market - tgey no longer have a major pharma to help them do that . This is in the best interests of the shareholders - i.e. you & me.