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  • kevinmik kevinmik Mar 13, 2012 9:52 AM Flag

    Maybe Icahn is Buying 14,950,000 Shares ?

    Considering how Amylin recently rewarded its own executives with stock options, maybe the public offering was done to enable Icahn to pick up more shares before big news comes out ?


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    • Balance sheet would have been more favorable if not for the Lilly break-up and sometimes you have to lose a billion to make 5 to 10 billion. At least they will be paying LLY on the way up and only up to a certain point, and done with LLY forever! You make a good point, but this is still a growing biotech (mid-cap?) company and you seem to be comparing it to a large cap big pharma. How many biotechs of this size have perfect balance sheets? I guess you can be like the and bash them all except CELG and a few others, but what is big pharma looking for now? I would think big pharma would more likely to partner up or buy Amylin over CELG or even REGN or others. 3 drugs approved on the market and 1 more likely on the way end of this year! (that btw could earn 1/2 billion or more per year).

    • Icahn could have bought all he wanted at 9/sh not that long ago if he was interested in averaging down.....what's so attractive to him at 15.60 ? Remember that the guy who worked for him and put him into AMLN split off and is no longer around. Carl is probably scratching his head on this one as he's underwater on his $22/stock position and can't change this work in progress by yelling at management. He's smart enough to know that AMLN needs to put healthy monthly numbers foe awhile before he can see light at the end of tunnel in the form of a larger company willing to take the risk and spend the money to buy this sad story.

    • I think that Roche (the Swiss pharma co.) is a better explanation especially after they dumped their own plans for a new diabetes grug. This makes more sense, Amylin needs a strong partner in Europe and Roche very likely asked for a minority interest at todays prices. Keep in mind that DB already mentioned that any partner would be asked for an upfront fee. This share transaction would allow Roche to recoup some of the fee back in case the stock explodes to the upside.

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      • $200 million up front payment for OUS rights for Exenatide sounds about right. After all Amylin is paying Lilly $328 million as part of the $1.2 billion RSO deal, which they said is the OUS value of the Exenatide Franchise Amylin is buying back. The other $700 plus billion of the RSO agreement is the estimated value for Amylin buying back U.S rights. $328 for OUS and $700 plus for the U.S is where the $1.2 billion RSO came from. So a $200 million upfront payment and future royalty payments for OUS sounds about right. I agree that an OUS partner could be involved with the public offering, especially when you look at how Alkermes and Elan structured their deal. Part of the Alkermes/Elan merger include Elan receiving 31,900,000 shares of the new Alkermes PLC company, which Elan is now selling most of the shares through the public offering Alkermes announced the same day Amylin announced their public offering. Elan is making money off the stock price appreciating in value since they received the shares last year.


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