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  • ldk139 ldk139 May 23, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

    Let us check the fact

    AMLN price is down today.

    I believe it may be mainly because a seeking Alpha article dated May 22 in which it mentioned SAC Capital cut its AMLN holding.

    Is the Seking Alpha article a good article ?
    Yes, it is.

    Is it a fact that SAC cut its holding of AMLN ?
    Yes. ( I believe what the article says )

    But SAC Capital's cutting its AMLN holding does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with AMLN. One institution's buying or selling is normal in its executing its profit taking strategy.

    Actually, I just checked the Nasdaq data about
    institutional ownership of AMLN.

    The Nasdaq data which I saw today shows that overall sentiment of institutions is actually very bullish.

    Here is the fact:

    1) 61 institutions (including hedge funds) started new positions in AMLN, as compared with
    29 institutions sold out AMLN positions.

    Is that a bullish sign ? I think so.

    2) 120 institutions increased their holdings of AMLN, as compared to 90 institutions decreased
    their holdings.
    Is that a bullish sign ? I believe so.

    3) the total number of institutions owning AMLN shares is 232. Institutional ownership is 89.83%.

    Is that a bullish sign ? I think so.

    One hedge fund buying or selling, no matter how good its past history is, does not constitute a trend. It is necessary to look at the overall situation and make an assessment.

    The above is personal view, posted here for discussion purpose only. You should verify the information, seek advice from your trusted experts, and do own due diligence and not be influenced by my posting or be misled by market manipulators.

    I do not own shares. I have no money.

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    • Hey dude or that a high school research project for you or what? You have no money & own no shares, so why are you working so hard to post such positive info (4 the most part). Go out & work hard so can afford to buy some Amy shares is my suggestion....errr better yet, so you can later buy the next owner of Amylin shares, maybe PFE, AZN, Roche, or Takeda.