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  • ldk139 ldk139 May 23, 2012 3:01 PM Flag

    The conditions are ripe

    The conditions are ripe for a buy-out.

    1) Billionaire Carl has reportedly successfully forced AMLN to agree to sell itself. This is not an easy job. Many companies do not want to sell their companies, because management do not want to lose their powers and do not want to lose their pay. Some companies use poison pills to prevent a take-over. There seems to be no such obstacle with AMLN. That is good condition.
    2) 7 big pharmarpheutical companies are reportedly trying to buy AMLN. (reported by Bloomberg & others ). Why ? Becaause with the new guidlines regarding CV related requirement, it is even more difficult and more costly to get an diabetes drug to be approved. You spent millions or billions of dollars, but still your drug may not be approved. The logic question is : why not buy a company that already has a successful drug ?
    3) Bankers and law firm are reportedly hired to advise on the potential deals. ( reported by Bloomberg & others )
    4) There is no risk of monopoly if a big pharm buy AMLN,according to common sense. Hence there is no regulatory obstacles.
    5) You haave the buyers , you have the seller, and you have the advisors and may not have regulatory obstacles. That is why I think the conditions are ripe for AMLN to be taken over.
    6) The only thing it needs is time.

    The above is personal view, put here for discussion purpose only. You should verify the information, and do own research and consult your advisers in regard to the matter discussed here.