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  • kevinmik kevinmik Jul 1, 2012 9:45 PM Flag

    Did Amylin Pursue The Highest Offer ?


    This deal seems like a rush job especially when you consider that round #1 included a high offer close to $29 and round #2 had 5 interested company's bidding including a new name Novartis and yet the final offer Amylin decides to accept is only a 10% premium to round #1 high offer of $29, coming from an very unlikely and very unsual deal. I also find it hard to believe that Takeda wasn't interested in Amylin given its huge upcoming pitfall coming from losing Actos patent rights in August. We need to find out if Amylin's management sold out the company and its shareholders for personal gain. I have stated in the past about some of Amylin's dissapointments smelling more fishy that the New York Fulton Street Fish Market does on a Hot August Day, but the smell coming from this sellout is just plane rotten.

    Amylin Long

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    • Kev, this was an auction with all the big interested buyers participating. It seems reasonable that $31 was the best deal possible at this time. You and Icahn pushed for a sale of AMLN and got exactly what you asked for! The stock was under $10 in December and we're getting $31 soon. If this auction process doesn't satisfy you nothing realistically will.

      But there's no reason to debate the matter now, because this is a done deal. The stock is trading a bit under $31, which implies a decent annualized return to a timely closing. No more bidders, no more Icahn lawsuits, just $31 in cash!

      Kev, this board will disappear once the stock stops trading so you only have time for a few hundred more posts. What new stock will become the focus of your attention, or will you be starting a new hobby?