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  • gracie4444 gracie4444 Apr 1, 1998 6:49 PM Flag

    Sugar, Please!!

    If I didn't know any better, I would think you are trying to avoid answering my question. PLEASE, do tell us about the "regular employees" buying AMLN stock.

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    • You asked if my feelings on instutional buying were feelings or fact. They are not fact. They come from 30 years of
      investing and following the market. I have no interest in professional sports so I have to do something. A lot of this knowledge
      doesn't seem to apply in todays market. The volume and price move today indicates I was right. Investers today ask what can you do
      for me now. A fund manager who invests in a stock whos major move may not come for 2 quarters is risking his job. He/she must
      feel the future upside potential is great to drag down the results for 2 quarters. I have no information on AMLN other than what
      is published. I do have friends in JNJ who feel the decision to withdraw support from AMLN was based on JNJ's financial
      situation, not any early test results. They are still committed to the stock. I would not be suprised if we revisit the terrible 2's.
      But as I have said. The old knowledge may not apply now. I feel the future of AMLN is bright.

    • You posted: <On p.34 in the May issue of Worth Magazine....Jim McCamant,Editor of the Medical Technology Stock Letter considers Amylin a bargain,predicts the price will shoot up to $4 and expects European approval in 1999.>

      With the benefit of three more market days of hindsight, McCamant's prediction might come true far faster than anyone would
      have thought. However, have you ever looked at a copy of Medical Technology Stock Letter? The prices he puts on his
      recommendations bear little relationship to the real market. I stop subscribing last year because he say for stock XYZ (for instance), 'Buy
      under $10.' The stock would be trading at $7 and would see $3 much sooner than $10. I could never base any Buy/Sell decisions on
      his technical analysis, so it's hard to be exciting when he predicts $4 for AMLN. This time, though, he might be right.

      Mind you, I'm not criticizing his drug research analyses. But we've all seen that the correlation between good research and high stock prices is at best marginal.

    • What does DEF14A mean sugar?


    • Amylin filed a DEF14A today. Something is going on. Has to do with Proxy. I don't have all the info yet. I will try to keep you informed. The Big Guys really went after Amylin today. There were 22 large blocks including the ones locong referred to. Giddy Up Amylin!!!

    • Sugar, do you know whether JNJ bought any shares on the open market before they signed the deal with AMLN three years ago? Just trying to make sense of today's activity.

    • I bought some too after selling some glia. Sugar you talked me into it. Prof any comment about the info from Sweden. Is there any similaity between the c peptides and amln?

    • thanks sugar for the response, i really enjoy your positive attitude regarding AMLN and enjoy reading all your posts.
      also enjoy your "GIDDY UP AMLN"

    • I check on the net for short intrest. I looked the other day and there were 178,000 shares shorted. No big deal. This is a
      major player that is doing the buying the last few days. It could very well be the same seller/sellers who sold on that infamous
      day in early March. The wash rule states you have to be out of a stock for at least 30 days in order to take the tax loss. That
      time has passed so it might be the same people buying back in. Just a hunch. I don't know if it's fact. On the other hand it very
      well could be that we will be seeing a new 13d report coming soon. We shall see. Anyway it is a major volume reversal and it is
      positive. I saw it coming the other day as you can tell from my notes. Is everybody Happy? :)

    • Just bought Amylin at 3 1/4. YeeHaa!

    • hi sugar,
      how do you find out the amount of shorts to be covered and in your opinion what might be happening? any input you have would be appreciated.

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