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  • hopioid hopioid Mar 23, 2013 8:44 AM Flag

    Suggestion for concerned investors

    Many know of concerns I had regarding Acura. I do not want to rehash my numerous issues, as I have moved on but research prior posts over the years if interested and come to your own conclusions.
    Continual and recent events even strengthen my beliefs as to the what is and has gone on behind the scenes. Some investors that I communicated with did not even accept the Bang settlement because the belief further lawsuits will occur and Acura settled quickly to remove larger claims in the future.

    If interested, review my previous posts and compare against what has transpired. Go all the way back in history and ask why would this company had ever gone public to begin with?

    I ASSURE you that if the SEC investigated Acura and put the pieces of the puzzle together, insiders would be going to jail.

    Short of litagation and as a possible starting point, post your concerns on the message board and interest in a collective effort that would otherwise be difficult to do alone.

    As many of you known I have moved on, however I would like to see the right thing being done.

    Good luck

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    • "Trading Expert"(Really?) - Well Anyway,

      If you read the comment you will see I have moved on. Most people who are intelligent research before they make statements calling someone an idiot. To make yourself look even less intelligent many of my concerns were posted when the stock was trading at $5, 6, 7 and $8. I got out at a fairly big net loss and acknowledge this again. The stock now trades at $2.2. So you enter the picture at around this time and feel you must try to insult someone that has a negative opinion about the company as a whole that is contrary to what you want to have happen.
      So to summarize you call someone an idiot that voiced concerns when the stock was 200% - 300% higher and posted events that actually came true?
      Additionally there were much more intelligent people than me(I will leave you out of the comparison) that invested in the company and brought quality to the board. People such as Ron Oneil, Chris Bang... They left and moved on.

      Hang your hat on a company that submits an sec filing that will reward an officer to sell the company.
      Hang your hat on a company that announces a shelf filing well below the stock price the day after earnings.
      Hang your hat that has insiders selling chunks of their stocks at 10% incrementsat $2.3 when you say it is going to at least double?

      Do you really believe any one is looking forward to your posts?

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