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  • kingrvo kingrvo Jul 6, 2013 10:36 PM Flag

    Care Capital

    Does anyone know what Care Capital paid for their shares? Did they have some really cheap options? Could they still be making a profit even at these levels?

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    • bass9189 Jul 8, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

      The company has a good pipeline and two good products on the market. The problem is finding good marketing partners and partnerships for its pipeline. There is a high probability that the drug candidates in the company's pipe will follow the same approval path as Oxecta. The company really needs to get Oxecta back from PFE and find other partners to help develop and market its products.

      The stocks came from debt conversions into common stock, the exercise of warrant and stock given as payments in lieu of cash years ago. This is why the company has no long-term debt. This is a stock that really should trade to $10 by 2014 but it is getting stonewalled by a sector that only wants to support drug abuse for money.

      "The first two commercial products utilizing Acura’s tamper-resistant technologies are OXECTA® and NEXAFED®. In addition, Acura has seven other abuse deterrent products in development: Hydrocodone bitartrate/acetaminophen tablets, Oxycodone HCl/acetaminophen tablets, Hydromorphone tablets, Morphine tablets, Oxymorphone tablets, Tramadol tablets and Methadone tablets."

    • I think somebody mentioned that they were given the shares as part of a loan agreement, so basically their cost basis would be 0. But I really cannot confirm that

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      • While I don't know the ins and outs of the deal, Care is a Venture Capital company, so I don't think it was a loan. It seems like Care has there share by providing cash in exchange for equity. That being said, my bet is that they are still making profit even at these low prices. I'll go further and suggest that they are liquidating in order to get their money out for their next investment. Just my speculation though.

      • that's correct. it was around the loan that the shares were given so the cost for both care and Claudius was zero. they really do not care that their selling puts the rest of us in a bind. they are making pure profit whether they sell one or 1milllion shares. it explains why they don't seem to be troubled by what their inordinate profit taking does to the stock share price and why they sell when ever their fantasy takes them there. given the fact that they both have millions of shares, they are in effect, market makers whenever they choose to be. all they have to worry about is if they sell x amount that would affect their share cost. up to the precipice and no farther .

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