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  • drdoctor111 drdoctor111 Jul 12, 2013 6:45 AM Flag

    as I see it thier are two main problems with this stock....

    two problems =CARE CAPITAL and CLAUDIUS... with the amount of shares that they have is a huge percentage of the total.. this is thinly traded if you unload 5 million share in month... it is the sole reason we are down...
    it has also opened us up to minipulation.... If you at FTD (failure to deliver) which tracks naked shorting.... during our last run up thier was 1.3 million shares on the FTD list (which means someone sold shares (a market maker) that they did not have.... and they did not rectify that within three days....) it is hard to tell what price it happened at but if you look on Yahoo history they turned a very nice profit... well over 20%..(so 20 percent return for 4 to 5 days) so everytime we go up we have Naked shorts.... short sellers ,CARE CAPITAL and CLAUDIUS selling... people notice this..... from earlier post we know we are worth 3 dollars just in simple assets... not including our product and patents..... I am holding.... but would be nice to get sales news or contract news soon....

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    • CC does not appear to be selling its shares under $1.88. The company is also not going to sell all of its shares at these prices. As noted, the company's pipeline and assets are worth more than the current market cap. As for naked short selling of the stock, who is doing it and what brokerage firm is allowing these traders to do it. This can deemed abusive short selling unless the trader had the shares and promised to transfer them in 3 days. A few traders have also been trying to manipulate these shares down for years. They normally use pairings to drive down the price and/or one sells to the other at a low ball price .

      The company is expected to do much better in 2014. The full commercialization of Oxecta should kick in about that time and Nexafed should see more sales with better marketing. The company expects to summit more drug applications for FDA approval during that time. We should also see a few more partnerships moving forward. Investors will have to wait until the full marketing of the company products. A major company will eventually see the value of this company ( maybe a generic drug company).

    • What's hard to deal with is with "all the selling CC" has done, they still have 4+ Mil shares left. I was dissappointed they only sold ~600K shares during that run up last week. Thought they were the source of the 5M+ shared traded that day.

      I'm trying my best to hold out. Not sure how the quarterly report will be this time either.

      Sentiment: Hold

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