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  • h_grant_h h_grant_h Oct 11, 2013 8:44 AM Flag

    Not until the biggest sellers finish selling -

    It's been the theme since 2012 when the biggest shareholders of the stock have been sellers. As a result, it created numerous bagholders from $4+ down. It's a hopeless situation - whenever there was a jack-up, they came in to sell the stock with endless supplies from their holdings. Why do they want to get out? There is no hope for the company to be profitable.

    It's all just good stories told over and over. Now, wait for the Tax Loss selling - this is going to be bad.

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    • There appears to be more to this story than that theory. Car Capital was the only big seller of this stock and it should have been out of it by now. There has been enough liquidity over $2 in the past few months for it to liquidate its position. There is trader who is bent on drive the price down of this stock for some reason. I watched several companies go up yesterday and all held there gains at the end of the trading session except ACUR. I think this trader is playing game with clients accounts. He is trying to get them to sell cheap so he can make money. If Care Capital is in the stock the fund manager has to be helping someone short here and they are side betting against this stock while using the funds stock to drive down the price during rallies.

      This stock should have retraced to over $2 already instead a trader is intentionally killing it during every rally. Also Care Capital would have been better off waiting until the stock hit $3 to sell unless some parties are trying to make money on shorting the stock and they don't care about the fund money. Someone is playing games with small investors accounts.They need to get off the drugs, stop playing with peoples money and move on.

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