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  • bigarce bigarce Dec 23, 2009 1:46 PM Flag


    Prediction-buy out announcement within 2 weeks.

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    • you are a dingbat
      you need you ass kicked off

      SGI will be bought out - and soon

    • Time is up.

    • For SGI to rise metorically at this point considering its current rate of advance seems likely. What seems more likely is that certain advances towards either mega deals or the unlikely alternative of Buyout... Your guess is as good as mine..

    • your timing is off - but

      players developing infrastructure standards for cloud computing SHOULD be accumulating

      Think of it .... SGI has a wonderful product ... just to expensive for most, but ideal for BEST in SHOW standards....

      BUY you a little and WATCH 2010

    • The only possible suiter would be a Dell which doesn't have a Super Computer offering. IBM.. HP.. would not be interested. IBM and Sun both sniffed at Rackable some time ago it is doubtful that IBM would be interested unless it was for the Shared Memory Architecture.

      What is Shared Memory Architecture and what is it good for ? All large on line clearing houses use a shared memory architecture devices to ward off the shotgun credit attacks. If someone places 1000's of orders in a few mili seconds those who do not have a way to instantaneously check if another transaction is taking place will allow the transaction.. then it is too late. All the big on-line banks have this type of machine to do business with or they do it with distributed computing. If the distributed computing is set up properly it may be able to handle 1-50 transactions which means it will be very slow. If they need to do 1000's of transactions per second then SGI has the only solution. No one else has a cost effective solution. This is the Jewel at SGI.. or the Pearl of Great Price, if you will.

      Right now.. Unless the economy starts heating up, you will not see anyone move on SGI.. Unless it might be a Dell. By the way, Dell tendered an offer for Rackable some years back. Dell was not happy with the price Tom Barton gave them. So they tucked tail and walked. Michael Dell doesn't like to be told no... So lets see if the container business starts down the road with the Altix Super Computers then Dell will move..

    • The product & quality is absolutely the best. Graphics utilization - providers ie..NVIDIA should grab before ???

      The standards war surrounding cloud computing will be fought by the Big Boys.
      SGI will be bought - question remains when.

    • something is going on, sure is a lot of activity with no news. looks like a few people know a lot more than we do. i agree, it looks like a purchase, but who knows. lets hope we all get he news soon.

    • IF it happens at all what do you think price will be?? 10-12$/PPS

    • Based on what?

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