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  • leeeeader leeeeader May 18, 2012 1:02 AM Flag

    Very good read on SGI's new gen UV2 machine, link

    """We are moving boldly into the Xeon E5, and this is the new way of doing it," Bill Mannel, vice president of product marketing at SGI, tells El Reg. "While the Xeon E7 offers memory addressability and other RAS features that the E5 doesn't, the price/performance of the E5 is compelling for our HPC market. The good news is that with the UV2, everything will be significantly bigger, better, and faster.""""""""

    """""""SGI is not saying much more about the future UV2 machines, except that it will offering them in a number of different packaging options to address a wider number of customer needs and markets. No word on when the UV2 will ship, but SGI is expected to provider more details at the International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, Germany in mid-June.""""""""

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    • Good point Erb. I now am asking myself, why even look here.
      Then I muse. I am a recent viewer, what are you doing here, and why for so long, if nothing said has any credence?

      Good Luck. I am taking your advice. Or, is that another mistake made, .i.e "taking your advice", as it fits you like a straight jacket should.

      I'll move on. I just for once saw somebody who had a similar experience with the "new rackable", that I had. I held back from saying it, because up to this point I felt alone as a Rackable customer, who couldn't stand dealing with SGI inveterates. Since they took over rackable,they made it miserable to buy from them. Broken promises, bad pricing, delivery delays.

      I bought in because I loved the original rackable, and took a pounding. I am hoping to buy back(triple down)under $4 and see if a double to $8 next year when they see the light, making me good on my investment. A week ago I thought maybe $8 was the entry level to do that. I saw GYPG's post and backed off. That was good advice, even if you don't think so, in spite of the drop that cannot be denied at this point.

      People, Erb's right. Don't take my advice, or GPYG's.
      Let's let the stock speak for itself. Just trying to promote some of the reason's behind the stock's fall, if you're not been a client of Rackable over the past few years.


    • They have to learn that they are not selling technology...and you buyers/holders have to learn that too.

      $3 here we come

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