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  • groping groping Dec 4, 1997 3:40 PM Flag

    MIPS to be spun off

    Rumor has it that the board of directors are planning
    to either spin off or sell the highly successfull MIPS
    division either to NEC or Hitachi.

    Anyone has heard anything on this subject?

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    • Anyone interested in learning SGI's history and what SGI employees think about their company, go to:

      Read the post and follow the link.

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      • Great post MARCONA (#50), keep showing us your "inteligent" posts marcona. Some of us can read and write and understand, we do not have to use abrasive language to respond to a most glorious post. Great reading! THANK YOU

      • Cannot tell you but several things are being put in
        place for total restructuring.

        (1) layoff completed by early December.
        (2) restructuring into 6 divisions : Unix based WS,WinNT based
        WS,Internet based Servers, Software and MIPS.
        (3) Since SGI will get into Win NT based Intel CPU powered
        processors continuing to pour money into R and D for the MIPS
        is not within the strategic goals; reason NEC or Hitachi
        is a likely candidate is that they manufacture these
        processors for SGI either under license or a foundry
        supplier. Also,this is a great time to cash out out
        of this highly successsful technology and pour the money
        back into the WinNT efforts that are just gettin ramped up.
        (5) replacement of McCracken by a happily married guy (or gal)
        with an operations bent who can execute on manufacturing
        the price sensitive Inte/Microsft based servers.

        Having said all this we will be lucky to see the stock up as
        high as $20 in the next few months. The current price is definitely way below comparative indices
        (price to cash,price to book,price to sales when compared with
        HWP,SUNW,INGR etc.)

        Since I think I am reading the tea leaves correctly
        but am not sure contrsuctive inputs are always graciously

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