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  • moose161 moose161 Dec 24, 1997 12:47 PM Flag

    Santa's Gift

    I accepted my Christmas Gift from Santa, by buying more SGI at 12 1/8.....Hold until the sunshines...Merry Christmas to All..

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    • No the customer surveys were not done just to make themselves feel good. SGI is trying very hard to become more efficient. They are doing about everything they can. It will probably take a bit to do this with a big company though. These surveys were the first time the head-upper management saw what the customers really felt. I heard they were shocked! That's how out of touch they were - they had no idea!

      They are trying hard to turn it around though. The employees are not just sitting on their hands saying "it'll be alright." They still want to win.

    • Yeah, I'd go back there. It was really fun and they people are great! It was fun being at a company w/ cutting edge tech. I do wish the operation was more efficient though. It was frustrating trying to get orders out cuz it seemed so disorganized.

      I recommend SGI as a place to work. I'll really recommend it once Ed's dead.

    • ELVIII:
      Thank you for your reponses of an ex-employee's and customers' survey feed back. Did SGI using the customers' feed back proactively? or/ just another business practice to keep themself busy.
      SGI needs new board of directors and fire McCracken! His past reward does not help SGI to survive in the future! I am not
      looking forward to merger to revcover my investment. I am looking forward to a new board and leadership to turn the company around.
      Even though "Buy Low, Sell High" may work at current price level. SGI may disapear from listing if change is not being made at
      the top management level. It is may take the lawsuit to make the board of directors aware of SGI's problem. The lawsuit hurts
      the investors. However, This may lead the board to get rid of McCracken and his marketing managers that may be much more
      beneficial to all investors.

    • you did good.its at the bottom no where to go but up
      will get a nice pop as soon as mccraken goes
      enjoy the football games
      got to know when to relax

    • I guess I jumped the gun and bought alot at 13 should've waited
      a week or two, but Right now ,
      I don't care...
      Got a lot of good football to watch.. can't wait till tommorow..
      does any one notice we are becoming like the "Jetsons"
      ..I'll get back to thinking about SGi in a few days..

      Enjoy the great times,

    • K2B1 , don't worry about that , it seems like the enter key is
      stuck can if you want to , take out the keys one by
      one and clean the keyboard..use a key or something to take out
      the keys..

      May you all have a great 1998, hopefully extremely optimistic ...

      I agree , McCracken was on his way out ever since he got that
      Technology award , it seemed that he was more into Bill and Hillary than noticing that Intergraph and others had higher
      performance than SGi's workstations for half the price.

      Here's to 1997. . . wow, the 90's are already over, (gulp)
      ... a new millenium ..unbelievable.

    • im buying a new keyboardfirst thing tommorrow

    • are you loading up you seem to know alot
      im increasing my holdings substantially today
      i have confidence but
      i will feel better when mccracken goes

    • are you loading up you seem to know alot
      im increasing my holdings substantially today
      i have confidence but
      i will feel better when mccracken goes

    • elvii would you go back.i hear alot of people that left
      are returning alot of key engineers who were part of the
      early successes
      mccracken has got to go though
      what is taking so long
      what the hell is the matter with the board anyways
      need new blood just a bunch of fat lazy people

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