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  • moose161 moose161 Apr 14, 1998 10:17 PM Flag

    Give Me A Break

    Do you guys think RR came to only get the stock up to 16 and then down again. PLEASE....I thought you were all smarter than
    that.This reminds me Of BAY,after they appointed a new CEO a year or so ago, It went from 16 to 19 ,and back again,a couple of
    times...then finally took off. So we wait a few more quarters ,who cares ,the BIG money will be made by those who wait. Have patience. I
    f he gets the stock to 45, he makes 100MILLION DOLLARS, it ain't over till its over. I WAS WRONG LAST WEEK< WHEN I SAID IT

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    • I would guess there will be another move today..
      Look at todays calender at: target=new >http://www.techstocks.com/

      Earnings report for today Apr 21.

      Now _IF_ I only could guess how the market reacts news
      and what the news will be...

      There was a very positive announcement last week and look..
      the stock dropped...

      I never say I can predict... Besides in this market good
      products don't always succeed... A lot depends on marketing
      (ie. what you can make the public believe.. MicroJunk for example
      has excellent marketing...I will leave it at that..).


    • All I ever see on this board is,"get ready" and "looks like its gonna move" and "this is going to explode" I don't want to insult anyone, but I don't see what will cause this.
      It seems like the people who are left in this stock are blindly optimistic and will say "This baby's a winner" even when
      the bridge of the sinking ship is 2 feet under water.

      Sorry, but I just don't see any money here with out
      a buyout, and then SGI will be no more.
      Just my opinion, make your own (sane) desitions.

    • thank you for your kind post and congratulations on
      your NSCP purchase you were right on.
      i was watching closely but didnt pull the trigger.

      dont be surprised if SGI takes off now on bad news the
      market works in mysterious ways.
      take care

    • I have something to ask. When you're doing personal attacks, could you write the words "PERSONAL ATTACK" or "PA" in the subject, so I won't lose my time reading them?

      Thank you for your collaboration.

    • All right poksnee, that's enough. You haven't had a single
      relevant posting on this message board yet. Some measures
      of value here are sophistication, insight, and accuracy.

      K2B1, marcona, dwater, Acapulcobob, jmbjmbjmb, jdavidson_97,
      nd2win, and several others score quite high on all three scales.

      You, sharecropper, (who I figure is you as well), and a
      few obvious SGI-competitor-employees like Shrew_d appear
      to have come around for no reason better than to call people
      names. Well, if yahoo had kill files, you'd top my list.

      You should strive to be more rational.

      ObSGI: I'm dreading the earnings report, I would not be too
      surprised to see $12 afterwards. K2B1 my friend, I fear you
      may have gotten in a bit too early. Nonetheless, you made
      $2/share more than I did; I am holding SGI loooong. I save
      my day trading for the wild ones :-)

      [NSCP just did me well, on both ends -- bought at 16 two weeks
      ago, rode it yesterday up to 26 [with my eyes bulging out of my
      head], sold, and turned it around into a short. It hit 26 5/8
      after my sale but closed at 25 3/8. Dropped to 22 5/8 today and
      started turning upwards, I chickened out and bought back the
      short at 23. It might still drop, but I'm satisfied. Off on
      a business trip for a while, don't want to have an uncovered
      short of a crazed stock jumping around while I'm overseas]

    • AND BUY SGI AT 12 and take the ride up to 20

    • shut up

    • "children"

    • - -
      Q Q
      \---/ he he he

    • You're just making this too easy!

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