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  • brka54 brka54 May 18, 1998 8:41 PM Flag

    new to this board

    Hope it is more informative than the CPQ borad. I
    unfortunately bought SGI at the beginning of Jurrasic Park
    Phenonomen, Made a few dollars then bought more am sorry to
    say 400 shares at the very top, 45 dollars a share at
    the recommendation of some expert? whose other
    recommendations have been better, of course.
    I won't sell at
    these prices, I can take loses other places (why do
    they act like it is a benefit to take a lose?, well
    you can save tax dollars) Big deal. That is so
    stupid, I understand, I think ,shorts, and its too late
    for this stock. What I mean is I also am in the hole
    on MU and NSCP, and being a women, I just hold on.
    Beyond that I work daily, and can't become a day trader.
    Has anyone else bought on good faith at my price and
    stayed? PS other recs were ORCL at the height and CPB.
    But no, I put it all in SGI. My blunder,

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    • I hold on too. I got a low price on SGI (13 1/8)
      and have a lot of patience.

      I recently bought
      ANLT at 31 1/8 (down from 44 or so)only to watch it
      plummet to 22.

      So, you're keeping a lot of

      But patience is the principal element in investing.

      All of the stocks you mentioned will eventually
      regain their value. Some of 'em might have to split
      first to do it.

      Like you, I haven't quit my day
      job yet. :)


    • Hold on. I dont know that we will see $45 anytime
      this year (maybe next). However, this is a bad time to
      sell. In fact, if you have additional funds you can
      invest, I would watch and wait for an opportunity to buy
      more at about 10.75 which I think is reasonably close
      to the bottom. I beleive its not the bottom but if
      you try to get it at the bottom you run the risk of
      not getting it at all. You should be able to buy at
      this price sometime within the next 2-4 months. Your
      patience will be rewarded.

    • BRKA54, Don't feel bad i'm in @ 39 averaged down
      at 22, 15, and 12. When stock went up to 19 I did
      not sell. That's not bad but when stock went up to
      30, I got greedy and figured it would go higher.
      wrong!!!!!! Be patient, buy more at these levels. I think
      they will turn the corner next year. You will also
      have held long enough to get 20% cap gain rate. Best
      of luck.

    • who needs the bloody experts these days?
      I my self wasted a ton on money on some 'expert advice' that
      turned out he was only a freaking recent grad ginny pigging my pocket.

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