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  • bell_tolls_4_u bell_tolls_4_u Dec 14, 1998 3:07 PM Flag

    NT Workstations?

    Where & when will this mid-range workstation be released?
    Still waiting...

    Is SGI still in this game?

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    • I see your "wag the dog" president went into action tonight. Just in time to stop the vote!

      I have a friend at yahoo.

    • I'm flattered that you parrot my complaints about
      you so well. You do know that imitation is the
      highest form of compliment.
      Why don't you going back
      to your silly diatribe with Sparemeone1 against Bill
      Clinton. It's your speed...

    • You are pathetically funny! You said > There
      is enough dirty laundry on both the Democrats and
      the Republicans to make most honest Americans, like
      myself,want to puke!<

      You? Honest? You are by far
      the most dishonest person I have encountered on the
      internet. With your fabrication of Nazi's and 20 other
      handles causing trouble and confusion... you are a
      pathetic excuse for a human being.

      You are the hate
      monger. You are the bigot/racist. You who creates Nazi
      handles to foment trouble.

      I noticed you kept your
      Chicago 1998 handle off the board today. Your pattern is
      becoming predictable.

      You? Honest? A big laugh,

    • (OT) Your tone is much more
      kennethstart12/stktrd. Did your son start this moniker and you have
      taken it over (I presume hatemongering is a family
      affair in your household.)? Very interesting...

      am not a Bill Clinton supporter. There is enough
      dirty laundry on both the Democrats and the Republicans
      to make most honest Americans, like myself, want to
      puke! Wouldn't it be nice that any high official found
      guilty of being connected in drug dealing, money
      laundering, political corruption, etc... be publicly hanged?
      The same for the police... The same for doctors that
      carelessly and neglectfully kill too many of their

      Wouldn't this be a very different country? Where the rule
      of law really meant something. Lip service is a way
      of life in this country, no better than it was under
      Communist Russia, at this point, except we have a lot more
      wealth and advanced technologies. The US political
      system is morally bankrupt and the first casuality of
      this system should be the self-serving lawyers that
      run this country.

    • Payback for Nixon? Check the front page of
      Tuesday's NY Times. The man(?) has corrupted the

      Remember he never inhaled. Remember how he got out of the

      The reason you people defend Clinton is because you
      agree with his policies.

      (Just how many handles
      did you use today? Seems like you are using
      StockerTrader less after we exposed you as ST!)

    • Chicago has a right to his opinions just as you
      do (except when you go into your slanderous
      diatribes!). Politics is a dirty business, period. The public
      will not reward the Republicans for what they have
      done. Anyone over 40 years old knows this is just
      payback for Nixon's impeachment - except that Nixon
      really did get his caught with his hand in the cookie
      jar and Clinton got his stains caught on Monica's
      dress. I have no opinion on this matter other than I
      wish that the Israelis should not be accepting visits
      from Clinton while this is going on. We have enough
      hatemongers, like you, around. We don't need to be associated
      with a known liar and philanderer (we already have
      Netanyahu, thank you), as well.

    • The Democrats took the partisan route from the
      very beginning because the polls were in their favor.
      I did a poll with my peers several weeks ago and
      discovered that 75% of my friends and acquaintences thought
      that impeachment meant removal from office. 60% of
      Americans do not want Clinton to be impeached. But 58%
      think he should resign if he is impeached. 75% of the
      American people do not trust him. IS THIS THE TYPE OF
      THE LAND?

      You complain about Republican
      politics. What did Democrats do for 40 years? ... They
      tried to investigate Bush because he supposedly took an
      F-14 to France before the 80 election to meet with


      Do you honestly believe that the market would have
      gotten this high had not the GOP taken over Congress in

      I find your defense of Clinton full of holes.

    • WHERE DO I BEGIN???????

      1. You must watch
      CNN (Clinton News Network). You sound just like Greta
      Van Sustern, Bob Franken, and Bill

      I don't recall President Johnson or his people
      dragged before a House Judiciary Committee or a Grand
      Jury. Don't recall a referral for Reagan coming out of
      Lawrence Walsh's report.

      Filegate ...How many
      people have taken the fifth on this one. No one knows
      who hired Craig Livingston. Somebody went to jail
      after Watergate for having one FBI file. Who released
      the dirt on Linda Tripp and did it come from her FBI

      Travelgate... Somebody put the IRS on the guys who worked in
      the travel office. Oh yeah. Blame it on a dead man
      ...Vince Foster.

      Whitewater... How many convictions
      came out of that? Some people say that Clinton
      committed perjury here. Billing records mysteriously appear
      after being under subpeona for two years. There will be
      more about Whitewater!

      If you watched any of
      Judge Starr's testimony how could you deride him? Did
      Hyde lie before a grand jury? He had an affair and he
      admitted it?

      You seem to believe that this is just
      about sex and what someone does in his personal life is
      private. I give you the following scenario: Suppose we
      found out that during his golfing sessions with Web
      Hubbell and another white guy we discovered (corroborated
      by two people) that Clinton loved to tell
      anti-semitic jokes and anti-black jokes. Would that be okay?
      Would this be tolerated by you or anyone in America. OF
      The private life theory is hogwash!

    • >>>>I am confused must need SAN memory by sgi-<<<<

      Now that is one statement of yours that I can agree with you on, 100%.


    • just a janitor, but damned smart!

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