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  • gschaefer25 gschaefer25 Jul 17, 2009 2:11 PM Flag


    Ask one of the 1,500 ex-Harley Davidson employees who lost their jobs this week.

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    • Do you have any idea what percentage of a Harley Davidson motorcycle is actually made in America? You'd probably find more American made parts on a Yamaha than on a Harley.

    • And so you spend your days/nites on the Harley board bashing the product and throwing in a sentence or two about the stock at the end of your posts so you can say you're here as an investor. You need to either get some counseling or get a Harley. I'd suggest the latter.

    • Yes, I bought a rice burner, couldn't consider a Harley, no technology/performance in their bikes, don't talk about the V-rod, it's overweight, underpowered, poor handling, each his own. I was never under the illusion of "buying American", I make informed decision based on the best VALUE, not some image marketing program to fit in with some HOGGY group. I have owned all four motorcycle manufacturers products. I consider Harley expensive ashtrays, kind of neat to look at, but very little limited functionality.

      I mentioned made in China, Vietnam or some other Asian country because HD is always promoting "made in the USA", then you see all the accessories made in sweatshops all over the world. Hey, that it is fine with me, I know many Harley people who are upset about these HD logo-ed products. Personally, I buy the best product values, wherever they are from, the global economy each his own.

    • >>>Guess my post got to you. A little Sensitive?<<<

      I realize your post was a response to someone else, but is english a second language for you.

    • Let me envision you in the full "gay pirate" at your HOGGY event:

      From the top; the do-do rag on balding head, the little leather vest two sizes to small with the cute little patches and some of course some fringe. Chaps with the so adorable fringe on the sides, HD logo-ed, belt, cell phone holder, and watch. The classic obese gut sticking out. Then you ride to the HD dealership with the other posers on Saturday and TALK about riding.

      Now, do you want to phase the question again on who looks like more gay?

      I ride what I want, have a couple of bikes, just get a kick out of some of the Harley guys on this board telling us how this stock is going to move up and their bike are amazing. Guess my post got to you. A little Sensitive?

      To each his own!

    • >>>Power Ranger outfit riding with their ass up in the air<<<

      A friend of mine calls that the..."prison position"

    • I see literacy is not your strong suit ! ! !

    • Let see, "gay pirate"... talk about apples and oranges. Who looks more gay, the Harley rider in leather or the rice burner rider in the Power Ranger outfit riding with their ass up in the air, the whole time their bike squealing like it's getting corked. Then you hang out on the Harley board day and nite bashing, in some warped way trying to rationalize your decision to yourself. Take it to the Yamaha board, minor.

    • Comparing a 62 & 66 vette to a new HD? Come on, those were classic cars that performed and handled well when they came off the assembly line. Those cars are classics. The HD Super-Duper-Road-Slide-Glide is out of date technology the day these sleds moved off the assembly line. Harley is marketing an "image" like no other. This is the classic textbook MBA marketing strategy; get the nostalgia image theme in place (so no RD is required), target people that need an association with a brand to fill a void, market all the paraphernalia (tee-shirt, belts, do-do rags, cute little patches, "gay pirate" stuff) products to this segment.

      Please, just don't try to justify your decision as anything but taking the Harley image marketing strategy.....well....hook, line, sinker, rod and reel.

      Nothing wrong with your decision, it's yours! But, please do not compare Harley with Corvette, I also own a Corvette and they were and are performance vehicles the day they left the assembly line! These Harley Ultra-Super-Duper-Road-King-Glides don't have an ounce of performance in any way shape or form. Then again they don't need to have any subtance, the majority of lemmings that purchase these sleds are all about the image.

      Apples and oranges when it comes to your analysis. Vette compared to Harley, at least you gave everyone a good laugh for today!

      I do not believe HD will have success with the economy on a long term slow trend that could last for a decade and couple that with difficult credit availability....problems ahead for a long time.

    • layoff = profits harleys save on gas?

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