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  • josieinib josieinib Aug 3, 2012 9:08 PM Flag

    10 gays kissing

    At chik fil a, 50 news media bozzo's show up to film

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    • hey yahoo communists ...wheres my previous post?,,,,come november election when we de-throne the self proclaimed messiah, the muslim fraud,,,,free speech will again be ours....and your "new" board is still a pos

    • Chains and fishnman1973 were in the little boys bathroom trolling for trouser trout

    • The media has gone NUTS. The msnbc and cnn birdbrains white-stain the concrete every day. Don't feed them and they'll go away....

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      • More government is the fix all, end all. We could nationalize all the companies and hire more union guys. The rich guys make too much money. 3.8 percent from every home sale that is not enough. Some people are selling million dollar homes. lets take 50 percent from homes over 500k. Face it we need to spend more and to spend more we need to get into peoples pockets everywhere. Bring back the death tax. Their is no reason a person who is dead should have any money. I think any farm that a dead guy owns would be better run by the government. Dont you think the government could do a better job of not raising hogs. We could hire alot of union government administrators to not raise hogs. Would not that help the unemployment. More government would fix all

      • You guys are a bunch of homophobic racists i bet you hate women blacks hispanics and old people too. And we know that any opposition to President Obama is racist. He is doing a an unbelievable job, bush ran trickle down into the ground. He took an economy that was in a unprecedented tailspin and turned it into a slowly growing economy. He took a deeply devided country and brought it together. I think we should all sit around a fire and drink a beer with Obama and sing Kumbayah. Drink the koolade it will all get better!

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