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  • fishnman1973 fishnman1973 Dec 11, 2012 6:10 AM Flag

    Obama is like a spoiled teen demanding allowance increases

    There is something called a budget which most of us resposible people and business men use to keep our spending in check. Our government has not passed one in nearly 4 years. The Democrat Senate passed none of the budgets that the House passed. The mainstream media isn't even touching on this issue but they are instead trying to blame John Boehner for the "fiscal cliff" term the press uses 20 times a minute. The problem is Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats refuse to pass a budget. So mainstream media expects republicans are expected to give Obama more money (raise debt limit) each time he runs out of money to spend? Why yes, this is how they can blame Obama's wild spending on the republicans. Senate Democrats will go along with any spending increase but no blame from the media. Corrupt news media is playing itself out before our very eyes.

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    • You're preaching to the choir and i'm afraid those people on the outside seldom watch the news, while seldom missing an episode of 2 1/2 men or some other canned laughter, poison substitute. They're on paid vacation and obama is their svengali....

    • Some of what you say is true, however, how about Harley's overpaid CEO? Trying to gut unions, moving out of state. Loyal Harley Davidson workers ARE stockholders.They used to be proud of their company. Even putting tattoo's with the company logo on themselve's. GREED, thats all it is along with unfunded wars and the other #$%$. that BUSH pulled. Harley workers built this company not this GREEDY CEO. He is ripping it apart at the workers expense. Oh well........

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      • I think there is a limit to how long you libs and Obama can honestly blame Bush for the nation's problems. A responsible president would take appropriate action, not play blame games. It's not Bush who is spending us into oblivion. On a new subject you raised, I never questioned the Harley Davidson workers' loyalty to their company. In my opinion, you seem to have the average union mentality where you feel that you are entitled to everything. Greedy unions have a bad reputation of destroying jobs and forcing US companies to either close or move overseas (with a little help of over regulation by the Obama administration). I don't want to see a union destroy this company.

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