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  • uskimchi uskimchi Sep 25, 2003 6:28 PM Flag

    To all shorties


    Did you cover your short yesterday morning at $44.75 and short again this morning at $35.77?

    You shorts never learn your lessons. Timing is everything.

    Now you are begging the longs to sell out and help you shorts to break even.

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    • your a complete fool

      shorts are covering between yesterday, today & tomorrow, taking profits from pumper longs who post constant garbage like you, norman & j-lo ass.

      You DO make up laugh hysterically though!

      SHorts are the profit makers here loser, your just posting farts in the wind as your loses mount

    • I hope days like today dont make you too nervous, look for new lows and accumulate this one. The downturn was completely predictable for this stock in this market (its probably not over yet). All the high flyers will retreat for a few weeks.
      Dont forget why you bought NVE in the first place!
      Anyone that "trades" NVE must have nerves of steel, thats why I am "investing" in this company. I'm not trying to time it now for a few extra bucks.
      IMO, they have an greater potential than most people on this board care to realize. But thats understandable, I know most on this board are gambling for a quick buck. Too lazy to go to Vegas!

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