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  • fearthis_vicious_raptor fearthis_vicious_raptor Oct 6, 2003 10:39 PM Flag

    We will retest 44 tommorow

    20 Day Moving Average vs Price --->>> Buy
    20 - 50 Day MACD Oscillator --- >>> Buy

    New 52 week high is imminent.

    are we there yet?


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    • Wow! Was this pumper off or what?

    • In answer to that question, one could make a fortune. There is always a disclaimer on these patents
      Quote" PAT NO 6349053
      ""Although the present inventionhas been described with reference to preferred embodiments, workers skilled in the art will recognize that changes may be made in form and detail without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention""UNquote

      I refer you to the recent patent fight that RAMBUS has gone thru.. should NVE corp be challenged on this core patent by either Mot, CY, IBM or whomever, there will be a cost to pay (usually from the bottom line) so expect this to happen, but by that time many shares will be traded on NVE's behalf.
      Bottomline, until NVE's MRAM is common in the market place hold on for wild rides. A smart investor will make money going both ways.
      An attitude of buying a block of stock at any price and hold is ok, as I believe this is a winning stock, IMHO...Still one must use capital assets that he/she is willing to loose.
      Hope I have answered your question, unless NVE Corp prepares for a hard fight and prepares for a poision pill approach they could be swallowed up.

    • So there's no risk of IBM and Infineon building a better MRAM device??? If that happens, NVEC can still win a portion of the market or it could get clobbered...

    • I look at several technologies (fuel cell) alternative energy etc.
      My primary holding (and core holdings ) are in Universal Display Corp tic PANL
      I have been following that stock for over 3 years in thier first break out from 3 points upwards to 38 points.
      They are a sound company with over 350 patents in the Organic Light emitting DIode (OLED)arena. These two companies have similar charastics , but I must say NVEC is further along on the entering the market place with procucts inside. PANL is poised with numerous JTA signed , license agreements are pending and when that occurs, they will move up. For more information and list of IP patents and other technology advancements go to (( You will find me over on that msg board and unlike this board it is the most civil of all msg boards I read.
      Unfortunatly it appears that when a company makes a breakout (and pops up on the daytrader type....screen) here come the trash in an effort to hype ,bash ,trash )_Looks lime NVE has been a candidate for the whipping block of the msg board trash.
      Have a profitable day

    • What other disruptive tech company stock do you have? TIA.

    • Thank you for the number to contact NVE corp.
      It was a very nice conversation. I respected MR. Baker's comments. I wont be the one to run from a phone and post everything I was told, but only that which is already public.

    • Thanks,
      I too wish that the co would update thier web site. I am involved in another companys stock that is a disruptive technology and they suffer from the same problem. Good thing about them, I personally visited the headquarters and was personally toured by the VP. Thier company policy is not to flood the newsroom everytime something goes good. Instead of appearing to prop up a stock, they choose to release news , when the bottomline is definately affected.
      Sorta of pump up effect.
      I spent most of 10 minutes with NVC Corp president, Mr Dan Baker, and I to was impresseed that he took time to talk with me and answer my questions. I respected the fact that he couldnt give me information that wasnt already public, but broughtr me up to date.
      Mr Baker, did as with the other company I follow, do not read everyday this msg board, nor follow it very much. When I mentioned the condition of the posts on this thread they are discusted with the vulgar/low IQ community that seems to have taken up residence here on this thread. They simply waste others time, while getting thier childish dribble a place to spout it forth.
      Lets face it, anyone on the msg boards as a whole has an agenda, and because of free speech, can spout off most anything. Yahoo is slack in making each poster adhere to msg 1 of each and every msg board on Yahoo.
      Lets try to have more civil discussions revalent to MRAM and NVE in particular.
      Granted using the IGNORE filter is great and is useful, I tend to report exact abuses to yahoo and follow up until yahoo makes the offender have to switch to another alias.
      I double click on all monikers and those which are generated close to the current date or current date are ignored, especially if they use vulgar/offensive language/inuendos etc....
      BTW I apologize for typos and mispellings, My mind goes so fast my little old digital extremities areslow and fat feeling!!

    • SueCOle 13:
      Thanks for the reply/question.
      The patent is 6349053 and can be viewed or printed at the USPO website ( and follow the menu to (Pat. Num).
      A partial quote from the abstract is
      "A digital data memory having a bit structure in a memory cell based on a dielectric intermediate seperating material with two major surfaces having thereon an anisotropic ferromagnetic thin-film of differing thickness...." unquote.
      That all means that using magnetic fields instead of electricity to move or store digital data (hence the term "spintronics". This physics fundlemental theory has been around several years, NVE has taken the theory and created prototypes. These prototypes are in the hands of Motorola and with Cypress. Both chip makers are busying to bring this new technology to the market.
      With this new technoloty, the current electronic digital data storage (SRAM DRAM and Flash Memory) will be outdated. THis is because with magnetic memory the instant you turn on your computer, everythings already booted up. No harddrive to access to load the OS etc.
      My understanding (IMHO) is that the first niche for the MRAM chip will be the low density stuff. Such things as PDA's and other computer controled machinery functions. (like controllers etc)The huge up side is very exciting. Taking only a small percentage of the future memory chip market will be staggering. Royalities on this patent in the next 15 or 16 years will make NVEC larger than MSFT, RMBS, QUALCOM etc. There is a hugh upside potential for this new patented technology.
      If you have invested in companies like NVE you must use capital that your willing to loose, as there are no guantees that NVE corp will be sucessful in marketing this IP. Theyt could be swallowed up by larger fish in the chip pond!!!.
      BTW the first nich I mentioned is estimated to contain as much as 1 billion dollars of revenue(gross total market) if NVE gets only 8 to 10 perecent of this market, (IMHO they will get a greater precentage) then revenues along with the future upside potential and exposure to the market place will make the price of this stock (at the current price ) seem cheap real cheap.
      Hope I didnt ramble along tooooo much!!
      I will try to answer any additonal questins.
      Disclaimer: I own stock in this company, and I am not an expert in anymeans on this technology, but can discuss technical stuff fairly intelligently, and in an effort to correct/learn more about MRAM and the other current products of NVE Corp, I welcome constructive comments and correction where I am in error.
      An as always keep your ear eyes and mind open

    • Thanks for joining this board.
      We need more intellegent conversation here.
      I am not a techo genious but I am really tired of the childish banter that proliferates here.
      The volatility of this stock has attracted the usual crowd.
      It will quickly be very obvious which posters to ignore.
      I am very glad you contacted the company, anyone serious about taking a position should do the same.

      Good Luck

    • That's an interesting update.It would be better if they post company news on their website.

      Kudos ST63

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