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  • valuebeta valuebeta Feb 23, 2004 1:41 PM Flag

    Nasdaq pulling down NVEC???

    Hey - Let's be honest at least with ourselves!

    Tech's in general have been overbought and this opinion has been current news for months.

    What's changed is that the excesses have caught up to the momentum players and those memorized by their own hype. And don't blame it on Baker. He did what I would have done in the same situation. Reduce holdings in a speculative situation at a time of great excess.

    I keep hearing the same tired line. Something else is casusing the price of NVEC to fall. Only a few have come forward and rercognized that the wind has changed. NVEC is falling because it ran too high. Same is true of the NASDAQ.

    You know that excesses happen in both directions. We could see NVEC a lot lower than the possible curerent support levels. Several other people have already pointed this out.

    Good luck

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    • You are a TRUE DAYTRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I have not seen a TRUE DAYTRADER BASHER like YOU in a Whole year....

      I enjoy people like like you!

      IT'S Because of people like YOU that I get PRICES like THIS!!!!!!!!!!

      THANK YOU GOD for DAYTRADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      SHUUU, Prices are going up and I just got another keeper @ $37.99.

      I put in for BIG Buys @ $37.00

      I will be BLESSED for a SECOND round on this company at these low prices.

      You will understand what I,m talking about come August, 2004

      Okay, lets wait it out. TICK. TICK. TICK.

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