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  • pcrandallfinance pcrandallfinance May 1, 2006 11:45 AM Flag

    What's that About Intel buying NVEC


    Whats with the hostility. I simply called the man to see if he was on the level... I have followed this stock for awhile and actually agree with Ed's logic, however, I don't believe that a deal is imminent.

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    • > I simply called the man to see if he was on the level


      And is he?

    • "Whats with the hostility."

      What do you think that might come from "phil."

      Do I need to refresh your memory via some of your past posts "phil"?

      An apology might from you under your "philcocks" alias might work instead.

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      • One has to register a certain amount of dismay that poor ignorant people such as pcrandall finance would actually take seriously the babble of these scammers.

        As for "philcox" .... the devil made him do it.

        It's a wonder that ....

        Talk about putting the cart before the horse

        >I must say that in person (over the phone) Ed
        >makes a compelling argument from a
        >fundamental standpoint, but the technical
        >side of this stock almost completely rules
        >out the possbility of such an even occuring
        >any time in the near future.

        Translation: he didn't understand a word Ed said - not that it would have made sense anyway - but Ed sounded convincing to him. However, since the stock price is down the last couple days - that means he probably won't get $20,000 per share this Thursday.

        No pity for goinglong - he's so stupid he actually believes he's in on the scam - but his arrogance matches his stupidity.

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