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  • holywallst holywallst Nov 22, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

    $3.50-$4 after this settles down maybe???? I don;t know

    I think it will settle down to $4 or high $3s region by Thanksgiving - Christmas time frame

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    • No, I dont think so either. I think this stock is rock solid, more so than it even was before this mess happened. I said earlier today, this stock should be between 6 -7 dollars like is was before, but with all that's happened now, I believe it could go higher than that, much quicker (than I thought) with more good news to come in December, I'm getting in again very shortly.

      POG, well, like lookahead said, that's a technical, dont worry about that. POG will look after itself.

      What about when they do start mining, and hitting more veins?? And then the news comes out, and gold is on the rise, could be a hayday for a couple yrs. Still a great price to get in I think.

      I got out today (got my 37% back ) and made some pocket change to boot, but only because I had a feeling it would drop down again to around 5 or so, but its like a rock, it stayed up. Surprised me when that happened.

    • You #$%$ shortie

    • starman26 Nov 22, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

      I think you are wrong. This stock is going up, up, up. So stick your head back up where the sun don't shine.

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      • we will see next week

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      • It may settle down somewhere lower, you never know. This is pur especulation. But I have to say I bought some PVG shares at $2.76 more by chance. I will get a considerable sum next year in February, 7-8 times my current PVG position. So I pray the share price won't rise so much. I am thinking of buying more.

        As I stated before in a prior post, I don't care if it rises 10, 50 or 150% today as my shares are an investment, not a 2 day speculation.

        So any speculation about price points are done because of the wrong motivation.

        Strange that there seem to be so many shorters, even spamming the board. Stinks of desperation.

        ONE WEEK to buy back after Ovsenek made that 400-500 g/t statements. And after todays news anyone short just could have bought at the open. Limit your losses and don't try to second guess the market. And even right now the stock is off from the highs, so right now may be a good opportunity to cover shorts. Why be short just because one entered into shorts at a lower price? Limit your losses. Amateurs not being able to do so will go bankrupt here.

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