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  • mason82300 mason82300 May 31, 2007 10:25 AM Flag

    Vansmackii & Pcsvtrain - sorry

    although you try to sound positive with a few blips of past hype
    Here are some real comments
    -I now speculate that they planned and all hyped it to sell their older options at higher prices. (options they held for 3 years at .10 range)Proof is in their sales at higher prices in mid 2's.
    Rafai probably has his kick back and additional gains on his trades based on the hyped run up
    -3 years Rafai has been working on the so called deal with no actions only hype. He is just another of the Kings bitches
    -If members of the board were past governors and part of any government admin as you say then that truely means they are potentially crooked in my book. they probably came up with the idea and using Rafai (someone untouchable)
    -For Rafai to get a payout in the hundreds of millions it has crooked written all over it
    - Dead money for years if it can even hold at .65
    - Volume is dried up as all players are gone that had the real insider info. They played it like a flute.
    -They hyped it to $10 knowing it would go to 2's (got lucky with the 3's)
    - KSA could buy the whole company in the 30 million range, why would they give them 500-700 million that was hyped fpr legos and old technology
    - No far eastern countries trust the USA and live to get over on us any way they can
    - Tony couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag on a good day. Hopefully someone will spill the beans and he will go to jail for fraud. Maybe rafai will make a statement and rat him out
    - There will be no .16 to .22 earnings as hyped without the 7.5 million deposited. About 30 days left for numb nut Tony to file. Probably another .10 to .20 loss for 2007
    - I believed a very close friend and got burned for 60k here. I feel he was in on it and may reveal him.

    Volume today will be less than 150k shares and

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