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  • vansmackii vansmackii Jun 8, 2007 11:28 PM Flag

    Ally and Mason Why are you guys here?

    Many people have asked, but you guys have yet to respond. Are you guys shorting this thing, are you bitter over something that PCS did, nothing better to do?

    Please enlighten us

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    • I will answer....
      Vansmackii, you may have a brain so I will test it
      I will also say this is my opinion...yet I know more info than I care to discuss here
      I do not want to see others scammed by PCSV or tie their money up for years.
      My motivations to be in the stock are just like all of you and was driven by the same notifications you received from your so called friends, brokers.
      Their info was bogus and hyped so the people that held warrents and options at .10 and less for 3 years could run the price up and bail.
      The CEO has mislead for 3 years ...all the way back to lego, mega blocks, other ME deals and the so called World Bank scam info that was sliced and diced. I use the word mislead since he has been unable to produce any contract or mega deal in 3-4 years. Remember, he is the one approving the news releases with no signed deals. That is Hyping...
      I have info that contradicts what many here are saying.
      Guess what..
      No 7 mill contract before end of summer or Sept if ever.. There will be no .16 or better earnings for 07 as hyped. They needed the 7 mill in 07 to post in 07 to get that type of earnings.

      I speculate Merril Lynch shorted 800k shares to help drive price down under a buck.
      Saudi news never mentions PCSV for a reason....even the ragheads can't lie.
      Rafai and Minister have been playing CEO for quite some time.
      King will not allow Rafai to get millions on a deal just to get his signature. The greasy hands have over done it and killed the deal.

      They got it running on the incomplete and inaccurate news and now they are quiet since the pullback.
      CEO may tell you to hold for 2-3 more years and you will be happy
      This is a brief as I can be without spilling all the beans.
      Everyone that is long or a bagholder is ticked off if the words scammed or hyped are mentioned....give me another word or phrase that describes where you are now in your waiting game. You bought in on the info it would run to 7-10 and it shot its wad at 3.
      CEO killed the stock when he filed the 8-K/A.. That is a slap in the face proof to me that he played it out as a deal without a contract or money in the bank...As of today no contract, no money, nothing from King or Rafai.....I believe that is called fraud..
      Ok, so now its your turn longs (hypsters).....other than you hope and sit and one thing that is solid proof of a contract or cash or anyting that supports CEO credibility or what CEO has mentioned in 4 years.
      I know you talk to CEO or BOD. Ask yourself this...when have they been right one time...NEVER..
      I believe that is called misleading also known as ly---

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      • 82300, you posted all those words and letters....mostly to people who already know it. They're just trying to cash out early before their game of musical chairs crashes.

        As far as Fraud, Refai will dissappear. He probably is using an alias. The CEO of PCS America will claim that Global techniques dba PCS MiddleEast fooled them and he can't track them down. SEC has no reach in ME.

        scam accomplished.

    • LOL
      I'm here to "VANSMACK" you down!