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  • mason82300 mason82300 Jun 10, 2007 1:19 PM Flag

    I think this is the one Mason and Ally, 3.1B, yes that is a B at the end DAs

    If you do know that there is a contract and 7 million in the bank and that it will go to $7 - 10 then you have insider info and when the news does hit you will be investigated for posting it....
    unfortunately you won't have to worry about your stupidity

    I will give it a 1 in a trillion chance of happening in the next hundred years.
    The article is months old and no U.S. contracts mentioned or timelines...and no actions of any kind to date
    SA hates the U.S.
    Out of that so called 3 billion not one dime has made it to PCSV. I truely feel Rafai and Minister are to busy trying to skim their profits. Money like that would make any one crooked.
    PCSV ME appears to be a middle man operation of some sort..
    Its a dream of a deal and thats why it is able to be hyped on this foreign, open ended, misleading non specific news.

    SA oil is running out and they scurring to try and create infrastructure and other economical growth opportunities. That has been their focus for last 10 years.
    There are other educational programs out there that exceed PCSV.
    The whole deal to me sounds fishy now that I have done more homework and gone beyond the hype of a friend who I feel now was in on the scam.
    I feel good to speculate that June will yeild no contract or cash and earnings will again be a loss like the last 3 years
    I speculate that SA will start school in Sept and no contracts will exist.
    All this commentary is my speculation based on events (mostly lack of) that have taken place over the last 3 years. Show me a contract and I will go away.