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  • mason82300 mason82300 Jun 13, 2007 12:06 PM Flag

    Answer this...

    good try Ahole
    I never claimed any criminal wrong doing...although I would not be surprised
    I now see the rumor, hype and what I interpret as a scam to inflate the price
    There may be some info and name that may have helped propelled the hype...yes it exists
    If it is valid to put some one in jail for a fraud then that is someone else's call
    all I know is it doesn't add up as the story has played out.
    2 options exist
    -CEO is a fool for taking the ME bait for 4 years now.(how many times does he get burned before he walks away)
    -CEO put out false info with help or motivations and tried to cover tracks with revisions
    Neither one creates credibility

    PS: don't ask anymore stupid questions
    Your a pumper with absolutely no proof of anything

    When I see a contract or cash in bank...which I won't..then you will be happy and have vengence with no words needed

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