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  • pcsvtrain pcsvtrain Aug 3, 2007 9:57 AM Flag

    Yes Dan It tells you that 1.00 is way to cheap

    And something is in the works

    Have you ever gone back and read any SEC filings

    You should so you would not sound like a complete DA

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    • Whos the DA now?
      Is $1 still cheap? If so, I'd happily sell you plenty at that price. I/m pretty sure I could find plenty of cover.

    • Train
      you will be revealed

    • jamesrogers1 Aug 3, 2007 11:01 AM Flag


      Please write US Government and tell them to make ME honor
      their contract with PCS before they have any more dealings with them.

      Where is the Seven Million as promised?

    • at the end of the day to make it appear as if its not losing anything.
      if it was worth more than a dollar then people would pay more than a dollar. It hasn't been above $1 all week. So how much of this underpriced stock have you purchased this week?
      I'm not the DA who owns this dog and continues to make idiotic statements on a regular basis about deals which will never happen. Its a friggin fairytale at this point.
      Oh yeah, you still haven't told us who you are and how you know so much about what is going on with PCS. So how bout it? Who are you? Do you work for PCS? Do you know people who work there? Is Tony your uncle? I'm assuming you're familiar with the SEC and their filings.
      So what is in the works? Hmmmmm, please enlighten us and then tell us where you heard it from.