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  • pcsvtrain pcsvtrain Aug 9, 2007 2:36 PM Flag

    It's really sad to listen to all the horse crap

    from all the bears(guys who purchased at 2-3) who don't know a thing about what this company is doing or has been doing for the past 3+ years, all you have to do is READ READ
    If you know anything about how the SA's do business you would know they take forever to get things done and they have been working on this whole education reform for years
    And guess what PCSV WILL BE in the final deal, and it is worth $$$$$$$$$
    Please stop talking about people at this company that you don't have a clue about, your words are so shallow
    Just get ready for $3+ per share

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    • jamesrogers1 Aug 15, 2007 11:15 AM Flag

      Are you buying today?

      i am turning you over to ally.

      let ally finish you.

    • "who don't know a thing about what this company is doing or has been doing for the past 3+ years"

      Why don't you explain it to us then genius? Please tell us how this company has managed to continually turn in flat sales growth in a booming market while increasing their expenses every year. Please, I'm waiting to hear what magic they have been performing behind closed doors which will benefit someone besides themselves and the few people who they allowed to steal the money of gullible investors who believed their crap.
      Oh, and BTW, who the he!! are you? Do you work for the company? Are you Tony's nephew? Who are you that you know something the rest of us do not know? You are wayyyy too much of a coward to out yourself and tell us who you are because then you would proven to be the charlatan we all know you to be. Come on, I double dare you.

    • jamesrogers1 Aug 9, 2007 3:29 PM Flag


      Now you are promising $3 a share.

      The stock was already $3.49 a share in mid-April.

      I do not believe investors bought this stock for
      those numbers.