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  • jamesrogers1 Aug 11, 2007 11:09 AM Flag



    One point in LUV's Favor:

    Paul Allen left Microsoft in 1983 or 1984
    and did not sell his stock.

    I hope this happens with PCS.

    You will tell me lots of luck.
    We need it.

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    • dude, one of the reasons i'm still here is because i hope to be wrong in the long term about this company. but i am irrational in that regard. short and medium term i still insist that they are scamming and the stock is going nowhere. what is long term? long term this company could see some domestic success over the next few years. put it like this: how ever long you all have been waiting for this company to 'get it together', it can take that much longer for them to really become profitable at all. as a matter of fact, to really get a good idea you'd probably have to subtract the middle east deal from all of their stated goals and transactions to get an idea of where the company really is going.

      subtracting the middle east 'deal', what areas of pcs have seen growth in revenue, promise, demand? what will this do to future earnings? what would those earnings do to the stock price/pe? when might all of this change occur? does pcs have anything in R&D that can satisfy the foregoing inquiries?