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  • danl08 danl08 Sep 17, 2007 10:46 AM Flag

    Ok, who were the idiots that bought at .84c & .85c?

    Its so obvious that someone keeps trying to prop this dog up.

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    • are you still "invested on the fundamentals"?

    • so you've got nothin then?

      I dont care how I look to you, I'm still right

    • Your headline says it all about you!

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      • and you STILL didn't understand the point of the original message. That day the stock opened for no good reason at .84c. It then dropped into the .70s. The point was that someone was out there trying to prop up the price by buying it at a higher mark then they could have. They actually overpayed for the stock based on the last price.
        The only reason you would overpay for any stock is to inflate the price and make it appear as if it is going up. This ongoing manipulation of the stock gives simple investors (like yourself) the wrong idea. pump and dump.

      • because you certainly haven't replied to any of our discussion regarding "fundamentals". What does your crystal ball tell you about who to invest in today? Any more "good feelings" about companies because we all know your feelings have returned great results over the past 5 years. How about a divining rod? ouigi board?
        Do you even have the ability to understand anything we were discussing? I know, I know, you don't invest month to month, but you speculate in penny stocks because of the great fundamentals (which you can't name one of) and you believe in education. Anything I missed?

      • yeah, swift-Mack, anyone would be a damnable dummy to take your stoopid advice and buy without any receipts to back that up. You think you add credibility to crazytrain by backing him up? Think again.

    • What is the "big picture"? 2 years? 5 years?
      those stats are not "month to month", those are the financials for the past 5 years! You still have yet to give me ONE (JUST ONE) "fundamental" which would indicate that this is a good company. Just one is all I am asking for. Can you do that? Do you even know what one is?

      I've never bought this stock and never will because you cannot make a case for it based on business principles. I've never worked for them either (I don't even think I've been to ID). You made a decision to purchase a stock based on your thoughts and feelings about the US education market and thats fine. But don't pretend this is a good company based on the numbers. You look like a fool when you do.

    • You just don't get it, do you? Your posts only prove that you are a very narrow minded person who can not see the big picture at all. Do you really think the month to month numbers are that important? Think a little bigger, please. I realized you are mad at this company. I still think it is because you bought at 2.5, got scared when it fell and sold at a loss. So now you want to do everyting you can to make it look bad. Or, you were actually fired from the company and this bitching is your "revenge"....doesn't matter though, you have no credibility whatsoever...
      Unlike you I really don't have the time to post here, I HAVE a life and I suggest you swallow your anger and go and get one to.

    • So you can't answer the question...thats what I thought.
      Ok, then I will. Look at the published financial reports from the company. You will see things like this:

      Profit Margin (ttm): -74.51%
      Operating Margin (ttm): -76.54%
      Management Effectiveness
      Return on Assets (ttm): -65.70%
      Return on Equity (ttm): -247.62%

      Not exactly worthy of a Buffet investment......

      You can also look at this:
      PERIOD ENDING 31-Mar-07
      Total Revenue 1,999
      Operating Loss (1,983)

      Thats right, they have an operating loss almost equal to their total sales. If you showed these numbers independent of any other information to 10 friends of yours who actually know something about business, how many do you think would say, "Wow, that looks like a great company. Tell me who they are so I can invest."?

      So I will ask you the question again, which exact fundamentals are you looking at which make this company look like a winner?

      "As an investor" you should be worried about whether or not the companies you invest in are making a profit and making you money. That is your ONLY concern as an investor. As a citizen you can do things to improve education. You can even go be a teacher, we need more of those. But as an investor your purpose is completely misguided. Also, as an investor with a conscience (which is fine) you should be more critical of this company to promote and sell their product if you feel that the product will have a positive effect on education in this country. The fact that their sales are anemic only mean that there are very few children in this country using their products. This is especially true when you look at the industry as a whole. There are billion dollar companies in this space. They sell millions of textbooks a year.
      Active investment is also not about sitting and waiting for something to happen. That .06c a share you paid 6 - 10 years ago is doing nothing to help finance this company today to get their products to the market. Your sitting and holding strategy is useless based on your own stated goals.

    • The very fact that you have to ask that question, TWICE, proves that you do not have any fact behind your statements. As I have mentioned before, I have had this stock for a long time and the lowest stock price for a block of shares I bought was 6 cents!
      As an investor I happen to believe that sooner or later this country, and others, will realize that science is what our children need to learn and focus on rather than crap like American Idol. When that happens I believe this company will be in a good position. Who cares about month to month profits! Investment is not lottery ticket buying, it is believing in something and acting on it. Try!

    • "The fact that even at $0.3 I would make a bundle if I was stupid enough to sell?"

      No, seriously, how could you make money off of this if it goes to .30c? Unless you are shorting it which is pretty much the opposite of what you said you were doing. Just wondering.

    • can you describe to me these "fundamentals" which make this a good stock?
      How could you possibly make money off this stock if it went to .30c?

    • Take what like a man? The fact that even at $0.3 I would make a bundle if I was stupid enough to sell? Not a big challenge. I'm in it for the long run and have been in it a long time. I have what they call patience. Something you lottery ticket buyers know nothing about. Try to invest in fundamentals instead of flip flopping like a democrat....

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