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  • danl08 danl08 Oct 25, 2007 8:02 PM Flag

    nothin says confidence in your company like....


    17-Oct-07 GROVER ROBERT O
    Officer 20,000 Direct Sale at $1.20 - $1.22 per share. $24,0002
    16-Oct-07 GROVER ROBERT O
    Officer 12,500 Direct Sale at $1.20 - $1.25 per share. $15,0002
    15-Oct-07 GROVER ROBERT O
    Officer 12,500 Direct Sale at $1.22 - $1.26 per share. $16,000

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    • thanks Dad

      BTW, I already spent plenty of messages saying why the license agreement meant nothing as well, but you didn't bother to read those either.

    • are telling me I should nto believe anythign written in a post...good advice.

      Based on that advice, why should I listen to you as well. You keep spouting that the stock will go down in both the short and long term and you have been proven (that's right, I actually showed ya) worng.

      I would agree that these post boards will mislead people. If you want to focus on soemthing, why not focus on the lack of follow up on the $7.5M contract (which was a press release from PCSV) and leave all of the other garbage behind. Makes you look very childish. After all, you are refuting a message board post instead of actual information that the company put out.

      Hence, all of the feedback about you personally. Learn from it and move on.

    • Dan:

      You (Yes YOU) are the only person I have seen CONTINUALLY talk abotu a 500MM contract. The press releases about SA talk about a $7.5M contract. While that is about 3.5 times current gross revnue, it is substantial if true.

      That being said, I have yet to read anything valid about a 500MM contract. You, yes YOU, have been gullible enough to read one or two posts on a message board and have gotten completely carried away with it.

      Listen to your own advice: Show me the hard evidence. If you want to refute the $7.5M contract, fine. but stop spreading the rest of your nonsense.

      If you want to argue the facts on this contract, you would have a valid point. But no one on this board can make head nor tails out of you because you of your vindictive approach.

      And by the way, one compnay director selling shares does not amount to pump and dump. Even you should know that.

    • "You are constantly challenging others on this board to come up with hard evidence. Where is your hard evidence that this stock is going down. Had the average investor listened to you over the past two months, he would have missed out on some nive profits. Is that your intent???"

      You are absolutely correct regarding the short term gains that people can make. I agree that it is very possible and if you are so inclined to gamble on stock fluctuations this is a good place for you to be. I'm not much of a daytrader, so I'll leave it to you to tell people when to get in and out to make short term gains.

      I haven't made any comment on the regular fluctuations of this stock because I believe they are not based on anything having to do with the results of the company itself. For example, there is no reason for this stock to rise or fall the 20% swings we have seen over the past few weeks. What I have generally been commenting on are the long term prospects which have been heralded as being in the $100s of millions. There is no evidence that this company can move from $2MM in revenue to $500MM in revenue. The shouters on this board continue to tell us this with nothing to back it up. In this case, I don't really have much to say regarding the stock going up or down in the short term, but I can say that if you are making a buy and hold long term decision based on this information you are doing so based on pure speculation.

      Do <<you>> honestly believe that this company is on the verge of securing a $500MM contract from SA? Seriously, what do you think?

    • I find it funny that you have such large holding in Buffet yet you choose to post entries on a penny stock.

      As far as these contacts you mention, others may have posted information that does defy some level of logic; however, you are the only one who continues to pontificate about this information.

      All of that aside, I bought into this stock at .58, .85, and 1.15. I have easily made my intial investment back. I am sure there are others in this same boat as this stock has had a nice run up in the short term. Perhaps you should take your own advice and pay attention to the numbers. You are so blinded by this "contract" issue that you have failed to recognize the run up in the stock price.

      You are constantly challenging others on this board to come up with hard evidence. Where is your hard evidence that this stock is going down. Had the average investor listened to you over the past two months, he would have missed out on some nive profits. Is that your intent???

      By all means, pick a date. Say Novmber 15th. If the stock price is below $1.25 a share, then by all means, continue to bash the hell out of it. If it is north of $1.25, do yourself and everyoen else a favor and leave the message board.

    • We've already been over the facts of the spring. They sold into the rise in a big way and then bought back when the price dropped. Nothing is necessarily wrong with this unless you are manipulating the information in order to make money and then increase your holdings in the company which is basically what they did.

      I don't care whether you think I have credibility or not. What I am trying to point out is the logic of this situation. Train tells us $2 EPS and doesn't give you any idea of how this company could possibly achieve this mark. In order to believe his prediction you have to then believe that this company can post earnings (profit) of over $170MM! He tells you to trust him and I break it down for you to show you how absurd it is. If you choose to believe that a company which has never had more than $3MM in sales in any given year is suddenly going to land a $500MM contract with a foreign government then there is not much I can say to dissuade you.
      Its not that I know or don't know. What you need to take from this is that I am giving you logical reasons why things will not happen the way Alcan and Train are begging you to believe. Don't they seem awfully desperate in their postings. You might want to ask yourself why they want you to believe their fairy tales.

      I don't care if people sell, it doesn't affect me in any way. I just hope people make better decisions about the companies they choose to invest in. You have said on numerous occasions that you want to invest in good education companies. I think that is great and that you should. I just don't think that PCS is one of those or is a long term hold/play for anyone. I think SanDiego said yesterday that he is in and out, buying on the drops and selling on the rises. Good for him, hes making money off this dog. I am much more risk averse and would never want to gamble on a stock like that (and thats what you are doing here, gambling on PCS getting a big contract). I am more of a Buffet guy (and have big BH holdings) and find companies that have good long term prospects of growth and earnings. You can't tell me that PCS has either of those characteristics.

    • no, the onus is on you all to prove you have something good. Bulls have to make their case, not the Bears.

      wake up

    • Of course I'm not talking about this past week. Do you see any buying that week? No, so of course I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the surge in the spring!

      The thing with the other guys in this forum is that they don't really say any more than what has been posted by the company. They say it over and over again which I can agree is not doing any good. But you seem to think that you know this is just a big scam. You say you definately know these deals are not going to happen. How can you be so sure of that if you are not an insider? The fact is that you DO NOT KNOW but keep saying it because you want people to sell. Why? Probably because you feel bitter or left out, or something. You do understand that you have no credibility anymore, right. You have simply cried too much.

    • How do you know the insiders kept buying this week? Hmmm??

      it actually takes up very little time to post. I can assure you (for probably the 15th time now) that I have never been employed nor have I invested in PCS.

      In some way I feel that I have been challenged by the Trains and Alcans and want to stick around until proven correct. I don't see you getting on their case for posting complete nonsense all the time.

      I will stop posting when you stop seeing Train and Alcan posting idiocy about $2 EPS and $500MM contracts which will never happen. Until then, I'll keep posting and pointing out all of the inconsistency between reality and the PCS press machine. I'm not #$%$ I'm simply pointing out to everyone things that don't make any sense at all. For some reason you love this company and you'll believe any line of #$%$ they throw at you. I'm just the voice of reason giving you the other side of the story. No one is forcing you to listen. But you shoudl find it at least interesting that Train and Alcan and Mason want you to NOT listen. What does that say about them. They can't argue with anything I have ever said, so they ask you to ignore me. Who so you think has more credibilty? The shill for Tony or the person who to this point has yet to be proven wrong about any of this?

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